Shadow Complex 2 - Looking For Partner

Shadow Complex 2 is sitting there, it’s actually largely designed, we just need to find a partner that will help us to finish it so we can bring it to market.

My favorite XBLA title by a mile. I am so ready for the sequel.

Oh, man, I can’t wait.

Do we know if the sequel’s still tied to the Orson Scott Card right wing opinion porn fiction? Because I want to part of that.

That’s exciting, and I don’t care if they hire Lyndon H. Larouche to channel the spirit of Hitler and write the script.

Shelved it for an iOS game…

I’m sure it technically will be since the origin of the story has to be the same. That said, I read both Empire novels (horrible) and the tie to Shadow Complex is marginal at best.

Empire is as important to Shadow Complex as Dracula is to Blade III.

Not just any iOS game, Infinity Blade.

Pitched as “Punch Out!!! with swords”. Nice.