Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

This is the new game from Victor Reijkersz who did the WW2 Decisive Campaigns series.


Preview stream

I have been following this since Vic started posting snippets on his site several years ago. This is an immensely ambitious 4X in the leagues of Distant Worlds for scope.

With a big game, comes a big Features List

  • Most turns you’ll have to make Decisions on events occuring in your Zones, with your Leaders or with third parties (for example: cults, crime syndicates)

  • Procedurally generated Planets according to the rules of Astrobiology that include Climates, Rainfall, Deserts, Snow, Glaciers, Lava streams, Deep Forests, Alien Evolution, Mountain chains, Resources, Rivers, Biohazard Level and Respiratory Hazard Level, etc.

  • Detailed Combat Resolution taking into account factors as Readiness, Morale, Supplies, Experience, Entrenchment, Landscapes, Recon, Rivers, Weapon and Armor Technologies, Concentric Attacks, Leader Skills and Posture Stratagems.

  • Discover and Operationalize over a 100 different Formation Types, each in 3 different sizes (like Infantry Armor, Heavy Assault Brigade, etc)

  • Discover and Design 30+ different Model Types (like Light Tank, Walkers, Missile Launchers, etc…)

  • The game starts at a Low Tech Level, but at the end of the Tech Tree you’ll find knowledge that allows you to build (for example): Laser Guns, Atomic Missile Launchers, Walkers, Shield-Generators and even ICBMs.

  • Discover and Research over a 100 different Tech Fields (like Assault Rifle, Algae Vats)

  • Units can pick up supplies from a road hex inside the Logistical Network in a certain operational supply range.

  • You can extend your Logistics Network capabilities by building Roads or Rails as well as constructing Truck Stations, Maglev Station and Supply Base Assets.

  • Leaders can be recruited and appointed to become Zone Governors, Council Directors, Army Commanders or Advisors.

  • Leaders can have over 40 different Skills and can receive Leader Feats to augment their Stats

  • You can play Stratagems (cards) on other Regimes, Leaders or Zones. Over 150+ available.

  • Unsatisfied Leaders could leave you, rebel or turn corrupt.

  • Leaders tend to band together in Factions.

  • Factions will put forward Demands on you, like asking you to conquer a neighbour or raise your Tech Level.

  • You either have a Parliament, Senate or Politburo in your nation, you will be able to change system during a game

  • On the Diplomacy front: Minor Regimes can be coerced to become a vassal or even join you. Major Regimes can be tied into a number of pact and deals to ensure a peaceful coexistence.

  • Realistic supply model where running out stuff always has consequences. Lack of Oil will immobilize your troops, lack of Ammo will for sure stop any offensive operations and a lack of Food might just starve and kill your Troops and Populace.

  • Different kinds of Mining operations possible: Water, Metal, Rare Metals, Oil and Radioactives.

  • Prospecting is often necessary for discovering Resources that could be mined

  • Scavenge Ruins and discover rare Artifacts.

  • Supports multi-player

No release date set yet - but with the amount of media coming out I expect it will be out within a month. [Actually June 2020 is the anticipated date].

I am so happy with all the weird stuff Slitherine’s sponsored devs seem to be going for lately.

This looks so cool. To me, much more appealing than YAWW2G (Yet Another World War 2 Game). At this point I am not sure what it would take for me to get excited about a WWII game.

This sounds like it may be pretty cool.

I have never been disappointed in one of his games.

I am very interested in this game. I love the concept of it and the developer’s prior games.

Can’t wait!


Hmm, looks very promising.

Rather complex, eh? You have my attention.

DasTactic plays Shadow Empire. Haven’t watched it yet myself:

I’ll check it out

Interested, but can’t get past this:

Available: When Stars will align

Watched about half of the video, and it appears that on my 15 1/2" laptop screen at 1080 with my eyesight, it will be pretty much unplayable.

In the dastactic coverage it was listing June release, so I thought this bit they listed was just to be amusing and leave some wiggle room.

But then I have no idea.

Wow thanks OP for the heads up. This looks great. Reminds me of the land bit of Emperor of the Fading Suns by holistic design.

I’ve had my eye on this for a long time as well but I’m still ambivalent. I really enjoyed Advanced Tactics Gold until I realized that his intricate economic/supply designs tend to screw up in the long term. I hope he has improved the engine rather than rebadged it.

Worst case scenario is that you’ll enjoy this one a lot until you realizes the supply system is screwed in the long run. Sounds pretty good to me!

I had the same impression.

Like pretty much every strategy game ever.

Please put away that Chickian parabola, sir. We saw you!