Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

Not if the havens fall in AI territory

It still would mean fewer warmongering AI to deal with, no?

God this game just keeps getting more awesome.

Just started a game with Survival Stress and Alien Life checked. Small Unclassified World. Three very real military threats and a smaller one. By round 5. :)

Are there air and/or naval units?

No, that’s the area the dev wants to expand into, per an interview he did on eXplorminate.

I wonder whether the Robinson Crusoe variant might be best for that?

Thing is, to a new player, the aggressive minors like the slavers and raiders are probably more of a threat than the majors!

Any rumored Steam release date?

Haven’t seen a release date yet. I broke down and just bought it on Matrix because I think I get a Steam key when it’s out?

Finally getting into the swing of things a bit. No clue what I’m doing still, but at least the basics are getting more familiar. Fun game so far, although it took me like 30 minutes to figure out how to replace a Governor. The game’s UI can be pretty strange, but I’m starting to get a handle on it.

Apparently there are air and naval icons already embedded in the game’s files somewhere? Evidence that Vic plans to go there. Also, Vic has polled the playerbase on priorities, including the next big feature, and people voted for navies and air units.

I am just starting to get familiar with this game, and did some initial searching of the manual, but didn’t figure this out yet:
If I have like 8 unit stacks (like you would at the start of a game), and I want to go attack some rogue units, is there way to do a multiple-stack attack, or do I just attack with each one, preferably the strongest?
Is there a way to combine unit stacks? I’m guessing the answer is yes there is a way but the way they are stacked in the beginning is already optimal?

When you attack, there will be a box in the top-left corner of the screen that has the list of units that are available to join the attack. Click on them and it’ll add them to the attack.

Does anyone have a good overview/tutorial of the current Logistics system in the beta? I’m clearly doing something wrong but my troops aren’t getting supplies and the various logistics map modes look like they should.

Also, I’m confused on how Replacement Troops work. I’m trying to reinforce some damaged units but when I build them the SHQ never seems to send them out.

You can also click the units in the display of the hexes.

Are they militia? Militia replace whenever they damn well please, and in my experience it takes forever.

Replacement troops also require significant logistics points to get to their units. so if you’re already having trouble supplying them replacements will never get there.

Yes, that’s likely what was going on there. Thanks!

Now if I could just figure out why no matter how many truck depots etc I build I can’t seem to get supply to my troops. They have access to roads, nothing shows up as a major bottleneck or anything (most green with one stretch of road to the north that only a couple troops are dependent on), but my troops don’t have any supply anymore. They were okay in their positions for a while but it’s dwindled away now.

Does your SHQ have enough food, ammo and fuel? That’s the other main supply drought that can occur. In my experience, food is usually an issue before the others. You can see how much you’re producing per zone using the items tab and see your SHQ stockpiles on the left “SHQ Inventory tab”. If you have 0 stockpiles and are in the red, your dudez are gonna starve.

Ahh, I think it was food. I had pretty good food income but suddenly I’m running a deficit for some reason. That must be in, thanks! I thought it was a logistics bottleneck somewhere.