Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

Wow, that’s cool.

The game is on sale on the Matrix Holiday for 20% off. I had hoped for more but I guess it hasn’t been out that long. It’ll be out on Steam in a few days so I’ll buy it and play it and if I get into it then I’ll refund it and purchase it through Matrix using my discount code.

I mean you’ll end up getting it for what, like $17? That’s a pretty good deal.

Not sure two hours is enough time to get into it. It’s pretty complex and I’ll freely admit I struggled early on. The mechanics are quite obscure. It does have a charm that is difficult to put one’s finger on. However I admit I gave up and moved on to other games, partly because being a dad with a job promotes games with a lower barrier to entry, and partly because it seemed patches were continuously changing the mechanics without much documentation. Now that it’s coming to steam and probably has a more mature base of mechanics I may give it another chance. Some folks smarter than I am on this board really seemed to enjoy it.

I enjoyed it so much for about three dozen hours. I stopped only because there were such big changes in beta and I had a few other games to dig into. I’ll definitely jump back into this sometimes in December. I expect it will be like the great 4X or Grand Strategy games - after a first few months of heavy play, do a dozen hours or so randomly for years to follow.

i’m the same. keeping an eye on it, waiting for the steam release dec 3 with the new ‘airforces’ patch. he’s working on naval also, i believe

I’ll probably cave and get this when my anniversary coupon arrives in about a week. It should be 50% off along with the 20% sale. I certainly don’t need any more games, but when has that ever stopped me in the past?! And 70% off is just too good to pass up for what sounds like a great game.

I’m waiting for the patch this week to check it out again. I tried it a bit at launch but it was pretty rough.

Yeah, I gave it a shot a couple of months ago, got really interested but had no idea what I was doing. I’m looking forward to giving it another shot with the patch and Steam release.

Heh, like many others here, I spent a lot of time with this after release. I really enjoyed it. In some ways I think it’s really brilliant. Like others here, I took a break while the dev kept adding patches and new features, and I resolved to return once development has settled down. I really do want to fire it up again soon. There’s nothing quite like it.

That said, it’s got a steep learning curve. I didn’t really “grok” it until about 5-10 hours in.

Paradox laughs at your “steep learning curve”.

Anyway, got the game on a loyalty voucher and am looking forward to getting stuck in after the next patch or so.

It does sound like an unique title - like Armageddon Empires on steroids.

lol, yep, I actually don’t think it’s all THAT steep a learning curve. The UI is a bit clunky, and there are many buttons and menus, but conceptually the game is not that difficult.

1.06 patch is up on Matrix now.

Patch Notes is rather large…

Big things: Air Units (new techs, new units, new missions, new council, Air OHQs), New Alien Fauna (new types, new attributes and behaviours, reproduction)

Medium Things: Fast/Slow AI toggle for quick turns or intense AI; “Easy Logistics” option;

In general I think recent PDX games are much easier on the learning curve that Matrix/Slitherine games. That probably has a lot to do with having a mature/pretty engine on the PDX side, that is designed around not using a manual. For most Matrix games you’re in serious trouble if you skip the manual.

Steam keys are available, but game is still locked for 6 hours.

Oh sweet, that was relatively painless, once I managed to log into the Matrix/Slitherine store.

Now is a good time to jump in really with the Steam sale. The game has had a ton of bug fixes and updates, with lots of new shiny stuff like planes and new graphic icons as well.

The Steam release is v1.06. The awesome dev continues to release incremental beta updates. These appear to be polish and small fixes for the current version, I did not see any major new features.

I am personally waiting until 1.07 is released to play. That feels like the “bug fix” patch after the big new additions.

You can track progress here:

EDIT: Steam has 1.06.05 which includes a few of these patches. There are two more pending, and likely a few more point patches coming. Note a few of these patches include small features or fixes that require a fresh game.

Picked this up now that it’s on Steam and expected to poke around for a few minutes before realizing I need to watching videos and read manuals and things to even begin to play. Nope, managed to learn enough just by experimenting and have basically played for all of my waking hours since. I’m several dozen turns into game 2 and loving this thing despite all the reasons it shouldn’t work as a game.

Generated what felt like a pretty balanced planet, and that seems to have held true. Lots of space to farm, tons of oil, fair amount of metal, and some reasonably tame wildlife(just some 3m snails). Definitely felt very forgiving as I managed my first successful war against a neighboring minor and have slowly but surely consumed several more since. Getting close to majors on multiple sides now and I’m hoping I’m prepared enough for what I assume will be a much larger war with them.

The UI is terribly clunky, but I feel like for whatever reason I could understand the game’s logic quickly enough that I could know that the screen or menu I was looking for must exist and it was just a matter of tracking it down. To clarify, I still don’t understand the logic behind the UI, just that all the game mechanics make a certain amount of sense and fit together in a way that feels very cohesive and I think that goes a long way towards making the game learnable.