Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

I got a question about model research that’s been bugging me. I can’t find a direct answer in the manual or online.

Once I have discovered a model, say light aircraft, do I have to design one in order to allow discovery of medium aircraft? It seems like I do, but I’m not sure.

I don’t think so - I think you can look on the “Type” window in the MNG screen to see that which models are discoverable. Some require the preceding model to be discovered already, others also require a separate tech (e.g. high velocity guns for anti-tank), but I don’t think any require you to have working models of the preceding tech in use.

I actually believe that you do. Very noticeable with aircraft since it’s a long chain of models that isn’t really dependent on additional technologies.

That’s exactly where I noticed it too. But then I’ve had Flak Gun discovered without an AT Gun design. I wonder if that was some kind of event. Don’t know what to think.

Thing is, early game all these designs suck without lots of applied physics. I don’t want to design a Medium 2e aircraft that can only go 3 hexes unloaded.

Yeah, early game if I don’t have anything else to design I’ll do the next aircraft type, but they are pretty useless for anything but recon until later techs. Getting airbases built up is more worth the time because that takes awhile

Ok, got another silly question.

I have my air force research council funded. They are researching a linear tech. I understand the diminishing return penalties (it’s at 71% right now). The bps (bureaucratic points) it’s getting did not result in any rps (research points) for the last few turns.

My question is do these bps accumulate and result in rps later OR are they wasted if they they don’t meet a threshold for that turn?

If the former I will keep funding the same and live with the delay. If the latter then I need to change the air force funding (up if I want results or off until I really need it). The manual is kinda obtuse.

This game consumes me. For me it’s a coffee and tobacco kinda game. Right now I’m drinking and it’s not helping.

I figured it out I think? A roll is played against the accumulated BP and bonus RP for the turn. The result is the applied RP for the given tech and for the turn. Nothing is carried over turns… I think. ish

The Explorimate podcast has a very good interview with the designer, Vic Reikersz, along with strategy streamers DasTactic and Tortuga Power. They discuss the game in great detail and don’t hesitate to voice concerns and criticisms.

This appears to be the podcast version of the YouTube interview shared last week. Well worth a listen for anyone that hasn’t yet.

Oh, didn’t notice that! Thanks.

I am in the middle of a planet spanning war, two separate fronts widely spaced apart. All of a sudden my troops had no fuel and no food.

I could not figure out what had caused it; and it cost me a lot of men and machines. Also cost me all of the momentum I had managed to build up!

Then after I had quit for the night a light bulb came on: I had agreed to allow my workers the vote.

That decision was Extremely unpopular with my leaders, especially the governors. Which meant that I lost all the bonuses to production/transport/etc.

Very painful lesson!

I learned this the hard way before, also. Autocracy for all!

Speaking of logistics, I’m really upset about high speed rail.
It’s not an upgrade to normal rail and it can’t coexist in the same city.
You have to destroy the old rail which takes several turns and rebuild HS rail which take many turns. This will DESTROY your logistics at the time you need it the most (large empire).

The work around online dosn’t work (Build outside the city). I tried. I suppose you could stay with traditional rail but HS rail is so much better for spanning the wasteland.

This is really good to know. I should have access to high speed rail ‘soon’ in my current game and was looking forward to the benefits.

Due to a massive shortage of metal for most of the game (my bad decisions really) I don’t have a lot of rail anyway, so maybe it will work out regardless.

Yeah, it’s really frustrating. My thought I was going to try, but then didn’t actually need to in my last game, was to build the traditional rail station outside the city and wait to build the HS rail inside the city.

In my current game, I haven’t built rail yet. So we can’t upgrade either stations or rails? So the idea would be to build rail stations a hex outside the city – and also route the rails themselves in such a way that high-seed rails can be laid a hex away as well? Or can we upgrade the rails themselves?

Unless I missed something big, the actual rail is shared and you don’t unlock a new type upon researching high speed. Just a new station type.

Ah, good to know. I think I can live with that. I’ll plan accordingly. Thanks.

Well, I learned today why you may not what to build the biggest caliber guns/arty/payloads.

I had 2 flights of medium thopters. The planet was good for them. They could fly for 33 hexes and deliver the biggest payload for its class. One use brought my logistics to its knees for a couple turns. Front line troops went without. Seems they used so much ammo and fuel that my logistics couldn’t keep up.

I took a look at my early and modest artillery (105mm). They just sip ammo compared to these hogs.

Yeah, I had to ground most of my air force a couple times so my troops could get supplies. Maybe could be toned down a little bit.

I have managed to crash my frontline logistics in many ways so far:

Building too many assets at the same time (ironically usually logistics assets).

Too many armored/motorized units moving and attacking during the same turn.

Getting caught up in the attack mentality and not taking the time to make sure there are truck stations and supply bases to maintain things.

Raising large formations that suck up fuel and ammo to make them ready.

Probably using my level bombers that use a ridiculous amount of fuel and ammo (now that you pointed it out). Sadly I have not had the chance to try thopters or jets as of yet.

The need to stop and take a turn or two off during offensives to allow for your logistics to catch up to the action is crucial. I am, maybe, finally learning this!