Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

Yeah, modern/futuristic warfare usually does not fit my gaming tastes very well, but the DasTactic series has me very interested in this.

I’m no astrologer, but those stars do seem to be getting closer together…

Release date 4 June.

This series by DasTactic is an excellent deep dive into the mechanics.

It is coming out on June 4. First day purchase for me.

A few days left!

A good explorminate interview with Vic - Vic confirms if the game even has some limited success then naval and air units are a priority to work on.

So he is not going to finish the game unless it sells well? ;)

Thankfully I think it will have some success, probably whenever it eventually launches on Steam.

Safe to say that games like this are never “finished”!

One man’s unfinished game is another man’s resistance to feature creep!

Releases around 3pm UK time.

We still don’t have them in Battletech!

Good news - the manual is 349 pages, explains the various non-intuitive mechanics well, and has lots of examples with screenshots.

Das Tactics is doing a series of tips/tutorial videos as well.

I see @tomchick has been sent a copy!

It is out. 39.99 USD!

The manual:

There are reports on the Steam forum of long A.I. turn times - 1 to 2 minutes in the early game.

Looks like Wargamer kinda likes it:

Ive only played a hour but ive seen some long a turns. Not a real issue at the moment though.

Early game is about 1.5 minutes. Does not seem to increase much as you progress.

I’ve streamed quite a few hours of the game on my Twitch channel and can answer most early-mid game questions.

I poked around in it for a couple of turns. The interface is fiddly, but once I figure it out I think it’ll be fine. The text in the game could use some proofreading by native English speakers, for sure, and the typeface itself looks a bit too much like an old crappy typewriter for my taste, though maybe that is there goal! Overall though the game looks like a really cool take on 4X.

I guess so! And very, very reassuring to those of us who so not like pure wargames. I had watched a bit of DasTactic playing the game, while on the treadmill, a couple weeks back, and was worried that it would be 90% moving army units.