Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

If your OHQs are separate from their units, another option is to rearrange who’s attached to whom. You can do this with the “unit administration” tab of the subordinate unit, I think.

Also, it helps to give each OHQ a really bright color that’s easily distinguishable from nearby OHQs. (I think you do this in the unit admin screen of the OHQ.) So I’ll have a bright red fighting next to a bright green. Not only does it make command & control easier, but it’s nice eye candy. :)

Yes I always use bright colors to easily distinguish as well. Also you can attach independent units to an existing OHQ. I’ll typically make an infantry brigade, and then an independent artillery regiment/batallion and attach it.

You can also attach your GR units to OHQ’s for that bit of bonus too

Thanks, and yes, that is the way to do that.

Great idea, that helps. Finally getting the hang of all this unit management stuff. But I wish the OOB chart was workable, not just viewable, so you could re-assign a unit simply by dragging the chit in the chart to to a new HQ.

Only 2 per OHQ unit though.

Does anyone ever use the negative strategems for Fate Points? Like the ones below. I never have. Their downside seems to outweigh the points, but I suppose you could be desperate…


I spam them in the early game when i only have one zone and my main city is in good shape to handle the negatives. As soon as i start conquering/expanding zones it gets more complicated as many land on a random zone.

Makes sense, thanks.

Yep, I use negative fate cards in the early game. It’s an interesting tradeoff – a point Tom makes in his review.

My favorite Shadow Empire tooltip ;)


Ah, good idea. I tend to hold on to them until I really want a Fate card, at which point I just suck it up and deal with whatever ill effects hit me. It didn’t occur to me to get them out of the way when I can more readily absorb the effects. Duh.

Is that new? I seem to recall having to go out to the main menu to load a game.


That is the main menu 😁

And yeah, i agree with previous posters that it’s worth biting the bullet on the fate cards as long as you think you can handle the direct and indirect impacts.

Apologies if it’s been posted already, but for those on the Beta branch, it is up to version 1.04-beta9 now. Last update I remember seeing mentioned was beta6, so here’s the changes since then (not sure why Discourse is making the font so large for the beta9 section).

Am I the only one who routinely runs into terrible money issues early in the game? Really, before I have made any decisions that would seem to have an impact on inflow and outflow of money. I might have a couple council adminstrators that, in theory, I did not have to hire. But I have not given any raises to anyone, yet the only way to keep above zero is to sell resources frequently – if that is even possible.

I’m curious as to strategies.

What type of planet are you playing on?

I’ve tried a variety of them. Not sure that I have noticed all that much of difference in this regard, but maybe I am missing something.

A lot of your income comes from your citizens.

On something like a moon start, it can be really easy to struggle financially as your cities start out very small.

Also, if you’re nationalising your private economy assets, then you’re taking on the payment of those workers, which can have an impact as well!

I rarely privatize anything, now that the truck station is working reasonably well. But I do often accept relatively low citizen worlds. Maybe I should just re-roll until it starts higher pop.

Yeah, and don’t be afraid to reduce wages and/or don’t appoint too many council members until you’ve got the cash for their wages.

If you can get a recycling point up and running, then you can usually work the market to sell rare metals to cover a lot of costs too (same with an ice mine on a waterless world).

And that Boom Town fate card is suddenly super useful on a low pop world! Magic population!

Rare metal sales for me have been a must, usually every three turns when prices are high. A veritable ATM machine.