Shadow Empire - Mad Max meets Operation Barbarossa

Hey fellas, I got a silly question.

If don’t like the new mechanics of the DLC can I play without them?

I’ve held of buying the DLC because many don’t care for these new features. They do sound odd to me but I love the game and want to keep it up to date and I want to support the developer. That’s why I’m asking.

The new mechanics only kick in on certain planet classes if I understood things correctly, and I believe there is an option to either enable/disable use of the Oceania DLC on the screen where you pick the different options like the starting tech level.

Thanks vyshka

Settings screen:

game manual explanation:


Wow man thanks again! Im buying it now.

I’m struggling in my first Oceania game. I can’t find any metal, and I can’t afford to nationalize the one scavenging center I’ve got. Not sure I have the military power to take the city nearest me. I like the watery map, though, and the Maritime Trading Houses are a welcome bit of spice. I’d definitely recommend passing on the DLC if you’re new to the game, though.

Yeah, reading the rule additions the other day, it sounded like it would be upping the difficulty to play Oceania.

I think that’s right. I’ve noticed, for example, that the militia event is harder now. I used to be able to skate by for 1 PP and no cost. But now I gotta pay to avoid various reputation penalties.

Hey vyshka, I bought the DLC!

I’ve got like 500 hours in the game but put it down a year ago because it consumed me. Started a new game on baby mode just to get the feel again. Holy hell and death, it’s all I can do to protect my one city and to keep it from ripping itself apart. I friggin love this game. Don’t know how folks can play this on hard.

So as it turns out, I can’t. I thought I could, but I’ve gone through several starts now where neighboring majors just have too much of a head start. I want to play on hard because I don’t want to be too far ahead for the “main war” that decides the game, but the only game on hard I’ve won (in this most recent round, don’t remember earlier) was the one I briefly talked about upthread where I had an island/continent to myself, and I had an easier time fighting off the other major because they didn’t have the logistics (because they were using MTH contracts, I mean). Then I won just by developing my continent, strangely–pulled far enough ahead without actually taking any of their real cities. It was odd.

I think I need to think a little more seriously about different starting options.

I used to play on Hard, but I’m not sure I ever won at that level. Now that I’m rusty, I’m still struggling on Easy! I guess I’m not aggressive enough about expanding, because I keep having trouble securing enough resources to build my economy.

I do think there’s a pretty good amount determined by the map setup. (Maybe another way of phrasing this is that map generation does not try particularly hard to give “fair” or “even” starts.) I had one game where some (moderately advanced, and more to the point, extremely numerous) aliens demanded over a thousand credits on turn 2, and then conquered me on turn 5; I’m pretty sure there’s nothing I could have done about that. (Maybe sold enough metal / rare metal to pay them off? I guess it’s possible, depending on the prices.)

But more realistically, I think most of the starts on hard I’ve seen require somebody a lot better at the game than me. (And yeah, I’ll say it–exploits. When I’m better than you, it’s because I have better strategy. When you’re better than me, it’s because you’re taking advantage of exploits.)

lol. Absolutely!

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So I get my fancy new heavy tank to the front, give it my only fancy gravimetric shield, and in its very first attack:

33 vs 1291 and the stupid infantry rolls a kill. And yeah, the artifact is gone, too.

They better give that guy a medal

How did it manage the kill? Is it a d33 vs a d1200, and the d1200 roll was terrible?

The attack score and the hitpoint score are finally both randomized and will score a value between 0 and their calculated number, and if the attacker scores higher a hit is scored, otherwise not.


Oh, I wish there were a way to name (enemy) units. That would be awesome! As it is, I took the hex that same turn with some light tanks, so I don’t know what happened to him.

I’m used to losing big units like that occasionally. You get one of those GR artifact tanks early in the game, you stomp around with it over and over again, and you know that eventually its number is going to come up. That’s fair. This was just… the second round of the first ever combat with my first ever heavy tank (this game). And the artifact is the real salt in the wound.

Maybe they accidentally sent the unit the prototype :)