Shadow Gambit - From the Makers of Shadow Tactics

Since there’s plenty of ST fans around here, I think this very well may deserve its own topic.

Disclaimer: I know some of the folks working on this and happy to see this announced as it’ll be their first go at self-publishing.

Looks cool, I love these character designs!

PartyElite put out a video on this game, thought I’d throw a link to it here. He talks a mile a minute, but I dig his videos (he’s doing a multi-hour playthrough of the Rogue Trader Alpha that is awesome, as he is well-versed in WH40k lore and his commentary adds a lot to the playthrough).

Well, I loved both their previous games, so I’m there on day one for this!

This looks great, thanks for the tip!

Ah, nice! I had a lot of fun with Desperados III, and this looks like a fun setting.

That is about as low down on the appealing themes list as it gets for me.

I’m all in day one. This is one of the few developers I trust implicitly. Looks like tremendous fun.

I’m not super keen on all the magical elements, but overall I still love the mechanics of this template, so I’m sure I’ll be enjoying it.

Loving the look of the game and the characters seen so far. Wishlisted!

I don’t like stealth games. Not at all. But this looks phenomenal. Really digging the visuals, the story and characters are interesting enough, and the same system is super convenient. I could see myself enjoying this, approaching it like a puzzle game.

These guys are the undisputed masters of the commando type games, adding great quality of life innovations to the genre. I had found games of that ilk a bit tedious in the past but you simply can’t go wrong with their games. I love them all. You won’t be disappointed.

Day 1 for me!

FYI, there will be a demo next week as part of Steam Game Fest.

So this game releases tomorrow and there are no reviews out and even here in the community zero buzz about it. Rather odd, considering the last two games from mimimi in this genre were very good! Hope the game will be a success for them.

I’ve seen people mentioning they’ll review the game, and many people commented on the demo… I guess the embargo lifts on release. But I expect the game to be pretty good, because Mimimi Games has yet to make a bad game.

The demo was very enjoyable, but I have not played Shadow Tactics or Desperadoes 3 so I don’t know how it compares.

Heard the embargo will drop at 3pm CEST today, although Edge already jumped the gun with an 80.

EDIT: yep.

Very positive reviews.

As expected! Looking forward to diving in, though it’s tough to let go of Baldur. Perhaps I can alternate my gaming sessions? But then I haven’t quite finished Jagged Alliance yet!! What to do??
Tough times! :)