Shadow Gambit - From the Makers of Shadow Tactics

Since there’s plenty of ST fans around here, I think this very well may deserve its own topic.

Disclaimer: I know some of the folks working on this and happy to see this announced as it’ll be their first go at self-publishing.

Looks cool, I love these character designs!

PartyElite put out a video on this game, thought I’d throw a link to it here. He talks a mile a minute, but I dig his videos (he’s doing a multi-hour playthrough of the Rogue Trader Alpha that is awesome, as he is well-versed in WH40k lore and his commentary adds a lot to the playthrough).

Well, I loved both their previous games, so I’m there on day one for this!

This looks great, thanks for the tip!

Ah, nice! I had a lot of fun with Desperados III, and this looks like a fun setting.

That is about as low down on the appealing themes list as it gets for me.

I’m all in day one. This is one of the few developers I trust implicitly. Looks like tremendous fun.

I’m not super keen on all the magical elements, but overall I still love the mechanics of this template, so I’m sure I’ll be enjoying it.

Loving the look of the game and the characters seen so far. Wishlisted!