Shadow in the Cloud - Chloe Grace Moretz is a ball gunner on a B-17

I’m actually kind of excited by this, even though it has all the opportunity to be terrible.

Yep I will watch this and enjoy it.

Haha, I was slightly interested until the goblin on the ball. This is gonna be garbage.

I enjoyed Memphis Belle quite a bit and watched it in theaters about 4 times back when it first came out. Maybe this one will scratch that same itch and I’ll… oh my god there’s goblins.

Lots of “bros” acting like “bros” saying “bro”-ish things. Plus one non-“bro”.

Hur, hur, you’re a woman which means you can’t do anything. OMG, she can do things!!

In fairness, that’s about par for the course for unsubtle action movies. It looks like it will be a fine movie to enjoy with the brain offline and the popcorn online.

Ah. I thought you all were saying “goblin” like some kind of dogfighting slang. Hmm.


I can’t possibly imagine the hassle of trying to dock one of these stupid tiny planes.

Anyway guys, it’s not a goblin, it’s a gremlin. Duh!


Hey, that guy wrote Bright. I liked Bright. Maybe there is hope for this movie.

Never heard of his co-writer.

What, you don’t think the writer/director of My Wedding and Other Secrets can do airborne horror???

That’s not a gremlin on a plane…




Well if Landis’ writing chops have been chopped out maybe the film won’t be as fun as Bright after all. But I’ve also seen Moretz in 2 films (as Hit Girl and in a vampire movie) and she did great in both. So who knows.

I was mildly interested until the part with her and the exploding Zero. If I have to turn my brain off to that degree, I might as well have a lobotomy.

See, it wasn’t the goblin, I thought that could be cool if done well, it was the sheer silliness of her fall and an explosion throwing her back up into the plane that crossed the line for me.

Yup. My suspension of disbelief can only go so far.

They tickle your fancy with inaccurate ball gunner facts and lock you in with a ridiculous concept. What’s not to hate?