Shadow Magic Multiplayer? Anyone?

I have some big chunks of free time over the next few days, and my shiny new DSL line is whispering promises of (as yet untested) smooth online play. Anyone interested in getting a game of Shadow Magic going, either today (4/27), Wednesday, or Thursday? Also open to other non-RTS multiplayer suggestions.

EDIT: I’m on Pacific time.

I’d be up for it, I recently reinstalled the game, but I’ve never played SM online before so I have no expectations of winning. I can do it today, and depending on the time, tomorrow. Since you’re on Pacific time whatever time you want to play at will be a hell of a lot later here, so no late-night games unless you want to catch me after breakfast.

My gaming hours have been kind of limited lately, but keep me posted.

  • Alan

Oooh. I’m really tempted. Lutes and I spent about 5 months doing Age of Wonders 2 games every Sunday… I’d love to take it for a spin again. If you can find a time that will be convenient for the Eurocentric, I’ll be there.

Herr Doktor and Kalle,

Let’s fix a slab o’time in the next few days that you could both spare. This evening, even? You guys are an hour apart time zone-wise, and my schedule is flexible enough to accomodate whatever works. Ol’ Itsatrap can decide whether it works for him, depending. Meantime, I’ll hunt down some good looking 3/4 player maps on AoW Heaven.

I could potentially do a game around 10:30 pm my time. Otherwise, it would either have to be during the day tomorrow or on Thursday evening.

Hmm, 11:30 pm here. I don’t have lectures until 4pm tomorrow, so that could work. How long does a game take?

The length of a game is dependent on the size of the map. We could try a small one and see how it goes. If we like it by quittin’ time, we could pick it up later. Tentatively let’s call that time a date and I’ll dig for a scenario. If I don’t find one, we could just try a small random map.

Ok, sounds good. I’m not really worried about staying up late, I spent a couple of nights playing Planetside til 5 am with the Qt3 outfit, so it shouldn’t really be a problem.

But I’ll see you at 11:30 then. I checked and there’s a 1.3 patch out now, which I assume everyone will have installed. Other than that, what do I have to do to get into a multiplayer game?

Just an idea, but should we load up Teamspeak? I find multiplayer games in general a lot more fun with voice over ip support now, and I hate typing in the middle of battle maneuvers. Kalle can make fun of my high pitched voice and I can make fun of Kalle’s impenetrable Swedish accent. What you say?

A little known fact is that I’ve been trying to sell Triump Studios on my pitch for a sequel to Age of Wonders 2 based upon Blizzard’s fantastic track record in creating games that are nothing like AoW2. Lennart Sas contacted me earlier this year and contracrted me to create a one slide pitch for my proposed sequel. Understandably, it was turned down, but I think all of us can perchance to dream of the game that might, in Xanadu, have been:

So, uh, what time zone are we talking about here?

  • Alan

My timezone is GMT+1, Crypt’s is GMT.

If anyone can get a Teamspeak server up, I’d would be perfect. Vocie comm makes all multiplayer games so much more fun. And there’s the added bonus that I can curse at you in Swedish when you inevitably kick my ass all over the map.

BTW Crypt, I like your redesign of the Triumph logo. Very tasteful. :)

Teamspeak is cool with me, but I don’t have a microphone, so I guess that means I’ll just have to take it without being able dish it out. :(

I’d love to, but I’ll be away for two weeks, not sure if there’s internet where I’m going.

Sorry to hear that, tromik. Maybe next time.

By my watch, looks like we’ll start in a little over an hour. Alan, you free then, or should we try to catch you some other time?

It’s time, so what am I supposed to do now?

Still waiting to hear from DrCrypt. I’ll set up the game and let you kow the i.p. address via email. Be sure to patch up to 1.3 if you haven’t already.

Ok, but the mail in my profile is outdated.

my new mail adress is kalle DOT walestrand DOT 1705 AT student DOT uu DOT se

I don’t know what message Lutes is talking about (probably to my old email address, which is shut down) but I don’t think I can make it: the prospect of a three hour AoW:SM game, contrary to previously prospected fatigue levels, in almost incomprehensible at this point, mostly due to the lack of milk in the house to infuse into my coffee. You and Kalle go ahead. Time permitting, I might be able to play tomorrow… what time is good for that?