Shadow of the Colossus makes me sick - prescribe medicine, Qt3

So the two gaming sessions I had with this have made me woozy and headachey. Played it last night before bed and at 10:55am the following day I am still unwell. Probably the cause is the sometimes terrible framerate combined with the sometimes herky-jerky camera. Never had any problems with motion sickness before. Sucks, because when this game is good it is Awesome. Any sage advice for fixing this problem?

Take some Dramamine before playing?

Stop playing it and feel sad. Crap framerates are hell.

Let me throw out a thought:

I find that I’m much more prone to motion sickness while gaming if I’m tired.

Try being well rested and well fed before you next give it a go. See if that makes a difference.

What’s Dramamine? We might not have it here.

Dramamine? It’s a medication used to prevent motion-sickness.

  • Alan

Eat a greasy bacon sandwich, served in an ashtray, immediately before play.

Isn’t it a “Greasy pork sandwich, served up in a dirty ashtray?”.

God, I loved that movie. It’s a shame about what’s happened to Kelly LeBrock (I’ve been watching Celebrity Fit Club).

And as for Bill Paxton… Well. He’s certainly a bigamist!

Why? What happened to her?

She’s gotten rather… well… fat?

She’s done a pretty good job during the Celebrity Fit Club season at taking off some pounds, but there’s no reconciling my mental image of her as the “perfect” woman from Weird Science to what she looks like now.

What the hell are you talking about? She looks like a normal woman. I’d hit it.

I have this same problem with HL2 on the PC. It really bothers me because I LOVED the original. And I don’t normally get sick playing FPS games. It’s very odd.

Do you think it might have something to do with the detail of the graphics? That crossed my mind when I was playing SotC. All that information lurching around in front of you might be enough to do the trick. I said in the first post that I never had any problems with motion sickness before, but I just remembered Silent Hill 2’s shitty camera made me a little woozy too. That was shitty game though, so I had no problems giving up on it.

Are you using a progressive scan TV? I haven’t tried it, but getting rid of TVs standard interlaced scan might help. I’ve read it looks much better in progressive scan as well.

It’s just a regular TV. Thanks much for the info, but I won’t be upgrading my set for a while.

Glad I’m not the only one that thinks real is sexy.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not into the anorexic types, either, but if you saw the first ep. of this season’s Celebrity Fit Club, they showed her “then” and “now” and the comparison is more than a little disconcerting. Especially because LeBrock in “Weird Science” was probably the first time I looked at a sexy woman onscreen and thought “Wow!”.

In any case, no need to hijack this thread, back to discussing motion sickness. Have you even TRIED my suggestion?

I haven’t played the game since. Anyway, I thought Le Brock was skeletal back in the 80’s. Haven’t seen her now, but a few extra pounds could only improve her.

Are you playing on a big screen TV, in a dark room? Once advice I’ve been using is to turn up the light a bit when playing. It mostly works for me, except I also got sick playing SotC anyways.

My other suggestion was to play on a smaller TV. The bigger screens makes all the bad framerate near-FPS perspective very bad for me.