Shadow of the Colossus

So does Gamespy’s preview mean this is definitely getting a US release now? Last I heard it was up in the air, but they make no mention of it possibly being Japan only in these impressions… Anybody know for sure? Without totally venturing into spoiler territory, God of War made me want to play this game.

Huh, Gamespot always seemed to think a US version has long since been slated for this fall. I certainly hope so it hits the US, since ICO was nifty and this looks at least every bit as good.

Yes, Shadow got officially confirmed for US release.

That is great news. Ico has long been one of my favorite games, and I can’t wait to play this. Dropping “Wanda” from the title was definitely a good idea.

[Obligatory “Ico was awesome and so underappreciated” comment.]

Of course, the REAL question is whether the hero had his name changed from “Wanda.” :)