Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Ms Croft if you're nasty

A quick look at the source info for the page shows this:

Ooh, a climatic finale. I guess she is British, it’s only reasonable to talk about the weather.

It would be kind of awesome if the bad guys’ plot involved weather manipulation or something.

Lara Croft saves the world, via climate change? :)

Ozone Raider

Oh man yeah! And maybe we could get Sean Connery in a bear suit!

“From now on, you will buy your weather from me.”

I just hope the story and setting are better than they were in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Where do I pre-order?

Story and setting weren’t the problem in Rise, it was the way they turned it into a crazy ass full on 24/7 combat simulation, and forgot to make it about the exploration.

The end of the beginning?

If the tweet image in the OP is to be believed, you can pre-order on April 27, 2018, when they announce the pre-order incentives and SKUs.

The best comment I have about the story and “character development” (for lack of a better description of whatever it is that the game has in place of what that expression actually refers to) in Rise is that I was facepalming so much and so hard through most of it that I got a concussion and don’t remember 80% of it.

Thumbs up, I guess? ;)

Why not both?

I thought the gameplay in Rise was terrific. Especially in the exploration, it was a vast improvement over the previous game. The story is a terrible Last Crusade retread, but then I didn’t think the writing in the first game amounted to much either.

The second game really lacked feels from the climbing radio tower in the the first game. A real high point imho.

I see what you did there.

Looks like South America.

That’s really strange since the second game had more tomb exploration than the prior one, though the combat was about the same.

I played and enjoyed the last two quite a bit, so I’m all in for this one.

Yeah, I really liked Rise, this reminds me I need to play through the DLC before the next one drops.