Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Ms Croft if you're nasty


I died once before in the parachute but many times in the river. I don’t know why you can’t use the mouse to steer Lara. Instead you have to use the arrow keys or A/D keys, and they are not exact enough to move her from side to side. Too little to one side, you die. Too much to one side you die. Several times going down that river you have to do it and one false step you die, only to start the sequence over again :(


The river sequence in the most recent game was not as bad as in the early game. Maybe it’s because I’m playing on easy, but I had no issues, and I would not consider it a QTE. The only time I’ve seen the impaling death scene in Shadow is when I misjudged a jump.

I’ve noticed a few performance issues, but other than that I’m really enjoying the game. There is a short sequence about 2 hours in that I enjoyed far more than I should, just brought a smile to my face.


I believe I just played that sequence. Also, so far, I like this better than the last two. More exploring, less shooty.


Are people playing with the chalk/white paint markings on or off, for exploration?

Ran the in game benchmark, at 4k , I am getting an around 39-45fps with my gtx1080.


I picked it up on XboneX for the 4K and HDR. Not regretting that decision yet, other than for price. It looks real purty. I do suck at headshots with the controller though. I hope the non-stealth combat is as dialled back as the reviews say.


I was getting about 30FPS with my Vega 56, but I also have an old i7-4770. Digital Foundry did the breakdown they were able to get 60FPS+ on Ryzen.

Also, they did huge work on the DX12 version. It’s waaaay faster than DX11, provided you have the CPU.


Just taking a break in the middle of the river sequence. (Needed to). So is it any more fun than the equivalents in the earlier games, watching the same grisly death animations over and over? Nope. Is it immersing me in the character and story and reminding me of the high stakes and the danger Lara’s facing? Not really. I might switch to easy just until I get through it. And weirdly I might increase the combat difficulty some. The first real fight was kind of absurd, me bumbling around, trying to remember the controls, while the baddies took occasional potshots and patiently waited for Lara to murder them. I know it was introductory fight, so it probably tuned easy, but still. I’m a little saddened by the recent RockPaperShotgun review video, where one of the reviewer’s main complaints was that there’s so much emphasis on combat in the skill tree and crafting but so little actual combat in the game. I think he estimated something like 10% of the duration. I know combat isn’t the strong suit of these games, but I do like the occasional breaks from puzzle solving and falling into spikes. I hope it gets better as it goes.


Just to (kind of) answer the question above, it’s running great for me with a GTX Titan X and an ultrawide monitor. Yeah, I think they’ve worked on the engine. It’s a very pretty game.

And no, I haven’t turned exploration and platforming to hard, though it’s tempting and I see the appeal.


Holy crap, only 10% of the game is combat and you can crank up the difficulty of tomb raiding and exploring? Maybe I should day one this thing.


Yeah I read that 10% combat mention and I want to believe.

It felt like Rise of the Tomb Raider was 90% combat, heh.


Yeah, to give due credit, the separate difficulty sliders is a pretty nifty idea. I just wish they’d had another one that let you select exactly how grating and uninvolving you want the character dialog cut scenes to be.

Just kidding. I’m probably being unfair.


I think that’s awesome. The Silent Hill games had separate difficulty sliders, you could bump up puzzle difficulty and bump down the combat difficulty. Or vice versa, if you were weird. I wish more games offered that kind of control.


I am up to The River and so far enjoying it. It’s dormulai for the series, but that is what I love about it anyway.


Dormulai is a formula that puts you to sleep?


I’m wondering why anyone’s autocorrect would change “formulaic” into “dormulai”…


Ah, crap. Damn you autocorrect.


Hmm, I got most of the way through the first of the reboots, Tomb Raider, but never played Rise. If I was so inclined, would it be worthwhile to play Rise before Shadow? Not that I’d buy the older game at full price, but on sale maybe.


I remember finding it gory in the original Prince of Persia in, what was it, 89? 90?


The connection is only loose between the two, so you could play 3 without playing 2 and not miss much. I guess it depends on how much you like the first one. All 3 play very similarly though the emphasis on actual tomb raiding increases in each subsequent game. I loved the first two so I say play it! :)


The first one had better EPIC moments, imho.