Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Ms Croft if you're nasty


I think that’s awesome. The Silent Hill games had separate difficulty sliders, you could bump up puzzle difficulty and bump down the combat difficulty. Or vice versa, if you were weird. I wish more games offered that kind of control.


I am up to The River and so far enjoying it. It’s dormulai for the series, but that is what I love about it anyway.


Dormulai is a formula that puts you to sleep?


I’m wondering why anyone’s autocorrect would change “formulaic” into “dormulai”…


Ah, crap. Damn you autocorrect.


Hmm, I got most of the way through the first of the reboots, Tomb Raider, but never played Rise. If I was so inclined, would it be worthwhile to play Rise before Shadow? Not that I’d buy the older game at full price, but on sale maybe.


I remember finding it gory in the original Prince of Persia in, what was it, 89? 90?


The connection is only loose between the two, so you could play 3 without playing 2 and not miss much. I guess it depends on how much you like the first one. All 3 play very similarly though the emphasis on actual tomb raiding increases in each subsequent game. I loved the first two so I say play it! :)


The first one had better EPIC moments, imho.


Wow, I (somehow) figured out the Mayan calendar puzzle, but I’ve no idea what I did.


I was not aware there are 30 outfits in this incorrectly titled game, that should have been called Fashion Raider. ;)


I know a complaint in the reboot games is that Lara is so “bloodthirsty”, and even though I enjoy the games it is a valid complaint. I wonder why they did not provide for non-lethal takedowns like the Deus Ex reboot? Would have been a nice option to have.


Good point. The latest one does seem to have less shooting, but you’d think a karate chop or something would be in keeping and less weird.


I wish they did what Insomniac had done in Spider-Man. Once you acquire an outfit, you can divorce the perks the outfit gives you from the actual cosmetic and use it on any other outfit.


That would have been cool.

Also of the 30 outfits, I like maybe 6 of them. :|


I agree. Non-lethal would fit so much better. Though the combat is infrequent here, the ludonarrative dissonance still feels off the charts. So often you shift seamlessly from cut scene “I just want to help these unfortunate peasants” Lara to stealth-murder-machine, blood-and-mud-drenched Lara. And the kill animations are just so psychopathically brutal, like she’s already axed this guy through the chest and crushed his windpipe, but she still needs to stab or drown him for good measure. The game usually attempts to supply some justification / pretext (i.e. lots of dead villagers) for these kill sprees. But it still feels super jarring. As I think a number of reviews have discussed, the postcolonial / ethical dissonance is just as weird. So many times you go directly from some thoughtful cut scene where Lara soul-searches about cultural appropriation to smashing and pillaging for more goodies or that occasional Incan dagger (50 XP – score!) I know I’m expecting too much from what’s a fairly dumb game, but yeah, it would just make so much more sense if they closed the gap between the story / character stuff and the gameplay / action.


Yah, Tomb Raider is the ultimate white privilege fantasy. Live in a mansion that you were born into, travel around the world buying your way into everywhere, stealing anything you find, and killing anything that gets in your way. Oh…and you’re “helping”.

I love the exploration in these games, and the world building, and hate everything else about them.


Same here, I just like the modern ones, not a fan of the native ones. And some of them are just repeats from the prior game!


I think this will be the first thing I get and play when I return home in January. The reboots are one of my favorite recent series.


Why is no one taking glorious screenshots? Overall I am really enjoying this, if you liked the last 2 with a bit less combat now, you will like this. :)

I took too many! Also possible starting area up to Peru spoilers.