Shadowbane anybody still playing?

Just started up on the 10 day free trial. The game is alot more fun than I thought it would be… and I haven’t been ganked yet. I’m on the War server playing a Mage/Channeler nad a Rogue/Scout. Anybody else still playing?

Also I REALLY like the character development in SB. It seems to be a nice mix of Diablo 2 meets EQish… its fast.


I don’t know what the dynamic is on War, but that is where I played (when I played). At the time, our guild was allied with another major power, and together we basically had the run of the server. It was no fun because no one would fight us, any time we attacked or baned someone they just quit the server. The ease of levelling up new characters makes it so that nobody really cared about their investment.

I got my confessor to 56 and got sick of levelling on greens and the only PvP being intra-guild duels, so I quit.

I haven’t been playing recently outside of a couple of days on the Test serer with the accelerated XP – got a Channeler to level 43 in two days.

I had to review another MMOG, Endless Ages, so I switched. As is often the case, if I stop playing one for awhile, I feel less and less of an urge to return. I think after a couple of months I’m done with an MMOG now.

I may go back to SB at some point. I did my three months on it now and I’ve had enough for now.

Is this another one of those joke threads?

What do you mean?

Sounds interesting, but I can only really afford one MMORPG, and right now, that’s Jumpgate. Does Shadowbane offer anything different than the “run up to monster, click attack button, kill or be killed” formula that almost all of the other MMORPG’s have?