Shadowbane closing, opening servers

Some interesting stuff going on with the game - new world maps, new servers, and old servers being killed off.

On December 4, the Carnage, Death, Deception, and Dread servers will vanish from the Shadowbane universe to be made ready for the new Vorringia ice world launch currently scheduled for January. Further details concerning the re-launch of these four servers will be made in an official press release announcement from Ubisoft in early December.

The Fear world will also be taken down and immediately replaced with a new server called Cataclysm. This new server will offer an intense challenge to all Shadowbane nations, guilds, and players - a never ending world of constant battle and strife! The new Cataclysm server will use the new Dalgoth strategic map, and like the Corruption world will have its own unique ruleset.

The players that already exist on Carnage, Death, Deception, Dread, and Fear will be allowed to migrate their characters to one of four servers: Vengeance, Chaos, Mourning, or War. As with previous migrations, transferring characters can only cross worlds with the items they have equipped. So over the next week, players should carefully consider what gear they will equip for the transition.

When Migration begins on December 4, the new Cataclysm world will also appear. This new server will operate very differently than other Shadowbane worlds as it has a revolving life cycle of three months. This means that every three months the world will destroy itself and restart anew. However, after each “Cataclysm” and re-birth, one of the Freeholds will be renamed to give tribute to the winning guild of its previous cycle. On the fragment of Cataclysm, your Guild can not only change the world, they can conquer it!

The rules of Cataclysm will also differ in other ways. Experience will be gained twice as quickly as other servers, and gold will be more plentiful. Furthermore, Cataclysm will use the Maintenance and Upgrade System currently found on the Corruption server. This means that city maintenance costs will be very inexpensive, but upgrading costs will be more so.

Cataclysm will not be using the faction based Guild Experience system currently in place on the Corruption server.

One question that remains is how we will determine which guild wins after a three month life cycle ends? We are still engineering a system that will automatically calculate Victory points for each city during a three month life cycle and more details will be announced on this system very soon. Some of the things we will say at this point is that Victory Points will be awarded based upon many aspects of a Guild city itself: population, longevity (based upon the date the city was founded), and the Creation and Ranking of the structures within the city. Different structures will yield different point values: for instance, Barracks award no points while Forges will be worth five points apiece and Citadels ten. There will be many other factors in the point system and we will announce those soon.

And what prize do the victors claim? As mentioned before, when Cataclysm restarts one of the Safeholds on the world map will be renamed after the victors’ city, and its emblems will shift to their Guild crest. Individual structures within that Safehold may also be renamed to commemorate the achievements of the winning Guild, or its officers. Finally, the deeds and conquests of the winning city will be added to the Chronicle of Strife, with exclusive interviews and detailed accounts that will ensure that their glory will endure forever.

Four of my five characters are on servers that are closing. This is actually good news for me because I can now migrate them to a busier server, probably Vengeance. Of course, I don’t have a city or stuff like that. For those players and guilds, it kind of sucks. Of course, they may welcome getting to move to a new server as well.

The new Cataclysm server sounds interesting. With the 2X XP gain, you’ll be able to level a character in a week or two. Of course, your character will disappear every three months. Heh. Still, it will be a server with something to fight over and the incentive to get busy about conquering the world right away.

Also, Gamestop was giving away Shadowbane for free. After you entered some code, it was free except for the shipping. The new expansion should be out in December as well.

This is definitely do or die time in Shadowbane land, and everyone knows it. The good news is that everyone in a position to do something about it seems to be doing just that. Making the game less persistent on the Cataclysm server seems an elegant way to recapture the spirit of beta testing, when some of the most fun came right after a server wipe, and everyone hurried to rebuild and get ready all over again.

Yeah, and with the 2X XP gain, it will be painless to make new characters. People will hit level 50 in a week or sooner.

I’ll probably go back and forth between the new server and Vengeance, where I’ll have my current R5 characters after I get to move them off Fear and Deception, which are closing.

They really should let us have a few more character slots. Five (six if you get the expansion) isn’t enough.

For all its flaws, SB is still my favorite MMO. I just wish it would run on my new PC.

Sounds interesting… may be worth giving Shadowbane a try if I can find it cheap. (I’m not going to pay full price for a game that may be out of business in a year…)

This really does sound interesting, but not that long ago when Ubi reactivated everyone’s account for a free 2 weeks or 30 days or whatever it was, I tried it and I just couldn’t handle the wacky UI. I don’t know, I really dig FFXI’s unique UI, but the mouse-control style of SB feels really unintuitive to me.

Yeah, it’s different, but after I got used to it I really liked it. It takes a single click to move and that’s it, and it’s really easy to swing the camera around to check out what might be coming from behind you or from the side.

You can get Shadowbane for free from Gamestop.

The code you enter is: SBFREE

You have to pay for the shipping.

Or, you can wait and buy the expansion for $20, which includes Shadowbane. This is a Gamestop deal also. I don’t know if the expansion will include the original game elsewhere. My advice is to get the free SB and not worry about the expansion until you see if you like the game or if it even runs.

The new server that gets wiped every three months will start on December 4th, I believe.

I love the idea of Cataclysm–sounds like the perfect server for a MMORPG fan who doesn’t have a ton of time to play–like me! :P

I’m downloading the Shadowbane demo as I type this… I hope I like it!

I’d suggest playing on Vengeance or Corruption, although the latter has slower than normal XP.

Thanks, Mark. That’s a great offer – but I’ll swing by Gamestop tomorrow and see if I can pick one up for the $5 price. If not I’ll go with the free + shipping. Either way is a great deal.

I think that’s an online-only offer. You may want to make a phonecall to your local Gamestop and see if they’ll honor the price.

Yeah, you were right. They were selling it in the store for $19.95. :roll:

Oh, well, maybe I’ll get to try it next weekend.

Yeah. There is a super-cheap shipping option at Gamestop. I think it’s $2.99 or something like that, but it will take 5+ business days to arrive.

Best buy is selling it for $10. I just bought it, installing now.

Well, I tried it out and hated it. The engine felt very ameteurish. The sound was god-awful. The graphics were murky and hard to focus on. The gameplay seemed like a NWN / Diablo hybrid.

Eh. Shadowbane’s not the one for me.

I dropped by my local BB earlier today. The check-out line went to the back of the store, where the computer games are. Must have been a 40 or more minute wait to check out. I decided I could wait a bit and ordered it online.

At this price there just isn’t much to lose.

Well, I tried it out and hated it. The engine felt very ameteurish. The sound was god-awful. The graphics were murky and hard to focus on. The gameplay seemed like a NWN / Diablo hybrid.

Eh. Shadowbane’s not the one for me.[/quote]

I actually liked SB’s classes and races… but the graphics are so AC 1.5… I guess I’m waiting for WoW or Lineage 2… the graphics in Lineage 2 look so damn sweety.


Yeah, the graphics engine in SB isn’t very good, but I do like the character models. Well, most of them.

The main problem with ShadowBane is that the endgame is unplayable. If sieges were more than laggy slideshows and crashes it would be a great PvP game. Browsing the Corruption political forum lately revealed that even though the two main mega-powers despise each other (the game tends to inevitably result in a two sided war), there were talks of cease fires and truces…because when both sides bring all their allies to do battle with each other the entire server becomes unplayably laggy.

Two sides.

Bah. What a bunch of pussies. I hate when servers factionalize into two sides. Borrrrrring.

That’s the other problem with the game. Everyone is so afraid of losing their phat loots and towns that they get as many allies as they can to ensure they will win at any cost.