Shadowbane finally gold

anyone going to play ?! i got the beta but i couldnt download it… so i can’t tell if the game is worth playing or not…

Everything I’ve heard so far tends to indicate it is laggy. That and my reservations about PvP games will keep me out for now… if I start hearing how wonderful it is, then I’ll consider it.

I’m gonna play. I think I’ll play on the Deception server where a lot of Gone Golders are going to play. I’m kinda excited about it. I’m in the mood for something new in the MMOG genre.

I think the Star Wars delay will really help this one. If SWG had released in April as once predicted, Shadowbane wouldn’t have much of a chance to get started, I think. However, coming right now is perfect. I was expecting to start a new MMORPG this summer, and now Shadowbane will probably be that game. I will probably wait for the reviews, but if they are favorable (not great, but good at least) I will likely get it. Thanks for the tip on where GGs will be playing.

I saw my friend play it briefly (beta tester), it does seem to have that AC2 simplified character development… but the graphics… mmm they are pretty bad (well at least compared to recent mmrpg’s). The lag wasn’t to obad that I saw him play on… hes on cable modem. Though I’m wondering if its playable on 56k…

I’m waiting for some 56k player impressions.


Might want to hold off. I’ve seen reports of other people’s credit card information showing up during the registration confirmation screen, and slow as heck registration in general.

The game itself can’t be too much better.

Got a link to an announcement?

Not an announcement, just a bunch of people saying it.

Also here’s a report of someone signing up for multiple months, then being told their subscription has expired when they try to play.

I played in the beta and saw lag get a lot better. In the final battle of beta, I had no server side lag - or none that I noticed. I did have to turn down my graphics a bit! But it was over 200 players in the same location.

I patched my beta client to gold, patched my new install also… that was fine. The patch server is working great. But ubi’s registration server… SUCKS!

Maybe I’ll get in later, after several hours of life.

I trust no gold announcement until it’s in a press release or confirmed.

Ubisoft has put out a press release. It shipped Tuesday.

Edit: here’s a link to the release Ubisoft | Welcome to the official Ubisoft website

Ubisoft has put out a press release. It shipped Tuesday.

Edit: here’s a link to the release[/quote]


I’d disagree with that. The game only allows you to choose one of four classes initially, but once you are level ten, you may choose one of eighteen ‘promotion classes’, which vary vastly in power. Most of those can be advanced in different ways (a bow-wielding ranger or a dagger dex-monkey ranger) and still be viable. Say what you will about SB’s advancement scheme, it is very intricate and fun to build characters in.

Another horror story. Guy gets charged $119…nine times.

if the story is legitimate, I agree, it would be horrible, but your account is not charged until your 31 free days are up. i can vouch for this, as a new subscriber. The first rule of any ORPG forum is to take everything you read with a grain of salt.

Anyway, I hadn’t planned on getting SB, but my fiance was both interested and pursuasive so she picked up 2 copies. After a marathon weekend, i must say that I’m hooked. The handful of hours I put into the beta just did not do the game justice. The graphics may not be as flashy as newer games but they aren’t as bad as they seem. The characters look a lot better once you start putting good armor on them, and the spell effects are some of the best in the genre. The gameplay so far has it’s share of repetetive “kill the same mobs over and over” of any online RPG, but it moves at a better pace, advancement-wise, so it’s not so bad. I was really skeptical going into it but I have been pleasantly surprised.

It isn’t utter PVP chaos like some thought it would be either. It’s very much a reputation-based world. I saw several people steal loot from other’s graves on the newbie island, but the reputation of those people kept them from finding groups on the mainland and they were often killed on sight. Level 30 in 2.5 days, and I have not had anyone try to gank me. I have, however, defended group members who had existing feuds and killed people who tried to steal from others. The feeling is much of a player-policed environment. I have my doubts as to how long that will last if a powerful PK guild gets its talons on the server, but so far it has been really fun.

The only problem is that I see more marathon weekends in the future, and that was a phase I thought I had grown out of…

I’m thinking of trying this, so what server are people playing on

Having not played the game, I don’t know for sure, but the word on P2P and PC is that it’s broken. Very broken. Not just in graphics, login, etc, but also in game mechanics. Going to wait until I see some more information about it myself, as I’ve been suckered in by MMORPGs that promise the world one to many times.

There are some bugs, yes, but no worse than any other ORPG launch. Certainly nowhere near as scary as AO’s or WW2O’s launches. I’m loving the game to the point where I sit here at work and can’t wait to get home to play.

If you check it out and want some heads up and maybe a little early help, I play on the War server and my name there is Valen.

I have to say that my first impression was fairly negative. I played the beta for like an hour and wondered why anyone would bother playing, but it’s one of those games that can grow on you really quickly if you give it a chance. It is very important that you at least make level 10 because the game becomes MUCH more interesting at that point.

The biggest gripe I have, not playing the game yet, is that the graphics are really weak compared to the early screen shots that I saw.

I like the character class thing. The subclasses, and seeming multiclass stuff looks great. Do you choose a different branch after level 10? I noticed in CGWs EQ2 preview that it will have an advancement system like this…where you start with broad categories and then specialize…twice! I like that. I want my character to be as unique as possible, so that I feel like I am really adding something to a group…something no one else is already adding.