Shadowbane !?

looks like a better version of UO to me…

i heard its coming out world wide in late july. anyone excited ? any thoughts ?

I’m interested in trying it. I’m burnt out on DAoC. I really don’t know what to expect, though.

I sincerely doubt it will be out in late July–I think they haven’t updated their FAQ. The last update I heard put release at the end of the 3d quarter. They recently expanded the beta and (I think) have another widening planned. Given what they’re trying to accomplish, balance issues loom large.

Anyway, I’m eager to give it a shot, as well. From what I saw at E3, the graphics aren’t going to blow anyone away (it’s been in development forever), but the art is clever. The show is going to be the city/political developments.

Yeah, I heard October for a release date. That seems realistic to me too. The game looks promising, I have to admit. I am still unsure about the class structure though. I haven’t tried too hard though to figure it out, I guess. I like the idea of building towns though, and defending them. IF that works, it could separate it out, but the general idea of PvP has me concerned overall. That aspect of UO kept me from playing the game. I hope it is handled much better in Shadowbane.

The only reason why I was thinking it might be out sooner is that the box art has been released.

Really? The official box art, or just some picture? Sometimes games release a version of box art that doesn’t end up being the final, just for places like Chips and Bits or EB, who send out flyers and such. Those games get more attention.

Don’t know. Here’s the link:

Looking at that box I wonder about the wisdom of quoting Daily Radar. Nothing against that outfit, it just strikes me as odd to run a box quote from a defunct entity. Seems like bad karma.

Okay, here we go agian,

My wife as I pointed out is the MMORPG freak and for a while she was following the forums on this game (Shadowbane).

Let me itereate my stance on MMORPG’s and any Diablo game, you can throw in NWN as well as I’ve seen them all. I detest these games, they offer nothing to what I’d call a refined gaming experience, I would prefer to play Ghost Recon or even Wolf online as opposed to these crimnially childish products.

My wife however does for the most part enjoy them. Now, what I’ve heard about this game is that it’s essentially Diablo 2 with a supposed guild/faction system run by the playerbase. I’m going to take a wild stab and draw my conclusions on this game even before it comes out. It’s going to end up like the PVP servers on both DOAC and or EQ. It will be a huge free-for-all and I am positive it’ll sink like a “Lead Balloon”. No it won’t be resurrected as Led Zeppelin, it’ll wallow in the depths of anarchic apathy.

>It’s going to end up like the PVP servers on both DOAC and or EQ. It will be a huge free-for-all and I am positive it’ll sink like a "Lead Balloon

I think so as well, although it’ll attract that crowd for a while, since it may be the best available PvP. It’ll determine in a hurry how much of a niche audience that is/isn’t.


Yeah. My money is on niche.

well the ‘hawkman’, minotaur and the centaur are cool looking, and the flying option is extremely new and attractive… besides that as far as i can tell from the demo, there really isnt anything new…

if one is going to advertise for this game, i wonder what about it that one can sell… well maybe make the monthly fee dirt cheap, that would help…

The selling point is that it’s designed for PvP from the ground up. If you like PvP, you should like Shadowbane, according to Wolfpack.

The big selling point for me is that I like MMOGs and I’m tired of the current crop. Shadowbane is something new. It may not be for me because the PvP may be too much for me, but I’ll give it a try.

We’re on the verge of a new and impressive crop of MMOGs at least. City of Heroes and AC2 should be out late this year and then in 2003 we should get SWG, EQ2, and maybe WoW. There are probably another 3-6 MMOG titles that may make it out next year. It’s hard to imagine how games like DAoC and Shadowbane will stand up to those.

Do you really think EQ2 will be out next year? Didn’t they say something like Christmas 2003? (At which point I would be on them releasing in 2004…)

Does look like an interesting crop, though… kind of exciting.

EQ2 could slip, just like any other game, but they’ve been working on it for a long time now. I was out there to do a piece on Kunark (or maybe Velious or Sovereign) before that was released and they were working on it then.

Hmm. I wish they’d release more info on EQ2… beyond of few screenshots, the EQ2 site basically says nothing.

They’re being tight with info. I suspect they’re angling for an eventual cover story with one of the mags.

It’s weird that they are launching Planetside, Galaxies, and EQ2 all in the same year. That couldn’t have been part of the master plan. Doesn’t make much sense. I’d think they almost have to have a bundled pricing plan. No way all but a few hardcore will pay full price to play all three concurrently. I’d think $20 a month for all three is a good price, but I suspect they’ll want more. LucasArts gets a piece of the SWG revenue too. to complicate matters.

A game like Planetside isn’t going for the EQ crowd. They want to try and get all those online shooter players to give them money if they can. Also SWG still is supposed to be released by the end of they year where EQ is already set at late 2003. Its not like their releasing them within a month of each other.

Planetside may be a shooter, but I’m sure SOE is hoping MMOG fans take a look at it. MMOG fans and shooter fans aren’t mutually exclusive groups, either.

I’ll be a bit surprised if SWG releases this year. Planes of Power and the PS2 EQ game, Online Adventures are both due out later this year. Perhaps it has been decreed that SWG will be out before Xmas, though.

I don’t see what about Planetside would appeal to EQ players. To me its for the FPS crowd, just like Sovergein was to get the RTS crowd. Basically a MM game to try and appeal to the diffrent popular generes.