Shadowbane !?

You guys forgot about Neocron! Sheesh… Deus Ex meets System Shock 2 meets the Massively Multiplayer RPG genre…

It’s going to blow us away…

When is the PS2’s online service to be live? I am afraid that the bugs will not be worked out of the service itself before these games start going online. I certainly have not seen much press on it. Other than the $39.99 adapter’s pricetag, that is.

Cracking that console audience for online games is a whole other animal. On that subject, does anyone have figures on how many Dreamcast owners were online once it reached it’s peak?

Also, I know PSO had a shitload of cheaters which pretty much ruined it for the majority. What is EQ Online Adventures doing to combat these problems?

I have heard precious little on all these points. If anyone with info would care to share it, I would be much obliged.

EQ Online Adventures should be fairly cheater proof. All the character info is stored server side.

As to working out the bugs, I’m sure there will be some, but this is Verant/SOE running the game, and they have the experience of running EQ and other online games.

Have you seen that Wolfpack and Ubisoft are selling what is basically an empty box a couple of months before this game comes out? It seems that, if you buy a “pre-order” box, you’ll get a cd with a wallpaper, a screen saver, a video trailer and a code which will allow you to play a character in the game with some restricted races.

Further, you only get this cd (and box!) if you buy it from an actual store. Buying it online only gets you the code.

So, what I’m seeing here is Wolfpack needing a quick cash infusion to cover last minute expenses, like servers, customer support, etc. Which makes me wonder why Ubisoft isn’t covering these expenses. It also makes me wonder how well they’ll handle their launch, which, historically, is the hardest part of the entire process of making this kind of game.

Are they really doing this? Selling a box without the game? Can you get this now?

I would never buy something like this. What happens if the game never comes out?

The Icewind Dale II folks are doing something similar as well, calling it an “adventure pack” which contains most of the pre-order goodies, but no actual game. These things are like console game pre-orders, but you actually have something tangible in the meantime.

Of course, the one that sticks in my head is the Tribes 2 hype, where Sierra planted a rack full of empty boxes in stores with some fine print that it was for display only. The Penny Arcade guys did a piece about it.

  • Alan

Here’s the quote from the official site at:

"The Shadowbane pre-order box will be available in September at Electronics Boutique, Gamestop, and CompUSA in limited quantities for $10.00 suggested retail price. "

It looks like you get the price of the preorder off the cost of the actual game when it comes out later, making it look like, for the glass-half-full-faction, a “value-added preorder”. Kind of like slapping down 10 bucks to reserve a copy, and having the EB guy hand you a complimentary cloth map or something. However, instead of that 10 bucks accruing interest in EB’s savings account, it looks like part of it goes straight to Wolfpack, or, more likely, Ubisoft.

The game is scheduled to come out this November, when, I believe, Asheron’s Call 2 is coming out.

Oh, $10 isn’t that bad. Microsoft did that with Dungeon Siege. You bought the box and got a lousy t-shirt inside and reserved a copy. I thought they were selling Shadowbane full-price, shades of what Bethesda did years ago with Daggerfall when pre-orders shipped with a note in the box instead of the game.