ShadowBane.. HACKED

From the looks of things some industrious group of individuals has hacked the game to some degree. Go check out the Ubisoft sorums for details, but looking at the details I’m seeing so far it’s on a “could destroy the whole server” scale…

Next time, post a link, fool. Its, you know, common courtesy?

Derek, the irony of that post–calling someone a “fool” while upbraiding them for lacking common courtesy–has made my day.


Don’t say I never did nothin for ya Derek!


Actually, other than losing a character you’d spent time building, it sounds like it would have been a laugh riot to watch all of that…

Someone made a movie of it I think, I need to download and watch it tonight. sounds funny.

If you find the movie put a link, wouldn’t mind seeing it.

— Alan

for now, look at this:

Note the location on the world map in the top right. people were teleported to the sea floor and jacked

Here’s the movie

Keep in mind that you have to have shadowbane to watch these. It’s not a mpeg or AVI.

Wow! Those graphics look cool! I might have to picj this game up. Oh wait, nevermind, who wants to deal with a game thats open to hackers?!?


Oh futz. Ah well.

— Alan

This is an interesting post on Slashdot on this and other SB issues… wow I thought about subscribing. Not that we don’t have our own problems, but this doesn’t seem good – I could have sworn I saw more positive stuff about SB on here just recently. Maybe it’s more of an isolated thing?

For those of us that have been playing this game regularly, this is only the icing on the cake for a plague of problems. This was a game that was touted for it’s massive guild vs guild and player vs player capabilities. Massive warfronts and assaults utilizing seige weapons and a slew of powerful spells and powers. None of this has come to pass. The game lag is too terrible to support even the smallest of battles. PvP is almost impossible during primetime hours due to the inability of most casters to launch spells in a timely manner. (Although you -can- watch your nukes launch 45 seconds after your death)

Server downtime is extreme. Login is at times completely impossible. Rollbacks are nightly. The attrition rate among players is amazing. I’ve watched my guild vanish over the last few weeks as the host of problems drive out all but the most staunch of players. Ubi/Wolfpack blatantly reject petitions with no regard or consideration for the players. Every patch makes the client actually worse that it was before. This has been a nightmare for most of us. To see news like this only confirms the worst. Bad management, bad hosting, bad coding, and bad customer care have driven most from what I considered to be one of the better games to come out this spring. Just another account cancelled in a long line of departing players.

— Alan

Shadowbane is the most fun I’ve had in a MMORPG since I played UO so many years ago. I love the design, I love the character dev and I love the gameplay.

It has problems, and those problems are being solved. I wish that it wasn’t as laggy and I wish that there weren’t bugs, but it will get better and has. Other than that recent patch which fucked it all up, things have been improving, and they’ve managed to fix most of the new patches problems as well.

It’s a fun game, but people on average don’t have my patience.

Several people warned Wolfpack both publically and privately that they were letting the client decide too much. They didn’t have to hack the servers. They hacked the client and made it send the flag to the server saying they were GMs.

Well maybe they just want to be able to help other players out. :lol:

Oh, my :shock:

Yeah, this has always been a major concern by myself and everyone else ever.

I have Shadowbane installed, but never tinkered with it too much. How do I view this gameplay movie? Is there a specific directory for me to dump it into, or what? I must see the chaos! :shock:

I’m still collecting some of the videos but I probably won’t have them available for download, I know of a at least three more. There were also a ton of screenshots floating around.

I’m a Shadowbane fanboi who was let down.


Kind of sucks, because lots of people have been saying Shadowbane rocks but its not done. I am kind of interested in playing an mmrpg for the summer, but none seem interesting… DAoC I’m tired of, same with AC, AC2 and EQ. And Shadowbane is broken. I actually am thinking of restarting up Anarchy Online again… I hear its much more playable now.