Shadowgrounds Demo

It is space marine based Gauntlet. And you can play co-op on the same 'puter! How old school is that?

Anyone try this game? Like it? Hate it? Deal? No Deal?

Ah hell, it’s hotseat only?

hotseat only? huh?

english pulease?

here is a linky link to the file:;5037661;;/fileinfo.html

I like the screens, although it seems to be about some guy laying about in different places.

Hotseat is when you have multiplayer with one computer, it might only apply to turn based stuff like Worms and HoMM now that I think of it. But, it looks like it could be alright. 43%

Hotseat means only person on the computer at a time.

Two people playing at the same time - not hotseat

You take your turn while your friend goes and watches TV - hotseat

It’s very, very old school. Had a lot of fun back in the day with it but it was a terrible way to play, really. We used to play hotseat games with 4 people and have 4 chessboards going at the same time for people to play when it wasn’t their turn.

ah, yes I remember hotseat … very Atari 2600

Not really, Atari 2600 has multiple controlers. It’s PC strategy old school. Empire, Warlords, Heroes of Might and Magic, etc.

Good times.

The last game I remember actually playing hotseat was CM:BO against my roomate about 5 years ago. Other than that, can’t really think of any.

Lords of Chaos: the best hotseat game ever.


Atari 2600 with 4 paddles and Warlords = apex of multiplayer gaming

</more derail>

Just got it in today. Will advise. :)


are you kidding me? there were tonnes of Atari 2600 games that required “hotseat” play, whether you had 1 paddle or 4.

Frogger is the first title that I recall off the top of my head…

I just loaded up the demo this afternoon. It’s like Smash T.V. meets Aliens. I wouldn’t say it blew my socks off, but it was something different than the norm these days which i appreciated.

I just finished playing the first two levels.

The game blows chunks.
Much slower than Smast TV… it would have been a great game 5 eyars ago.

The action heats up a bit in the last level.

Yeah, whatever you say, Mr. “Apparently I’ve never played Worms.”

It reminds me strongly of Take No Prisoners and Mageslayer: top-down blasting mayhem, this time as an overt Aliens ripoff. Those games were a hell of a lot of coop fun at LAN parties, though if Shadowgrounds’ coop play is same-PC-only, it’s less compelling IMHO.