Shadowrun for XBox360 at E3?

Found this at the FASA Studios webpage. Now, Memepunks has looked at the page.

Personally, I’m stoked for a SR game on a modern system. Anyone heard anything recent about this?

check the E3 speculartion post

All I know of shadowrun is the genesis game (only RPG I liked for a very long time) so I’m hyped.

I would buy a 360 just for that, chummer.

I never played the genesis version, only the snes is there any difference between the 2?

I would buy 3 360s for the game… if it wasnt teh suck that is.

I <3 Shadowrun.

The Genesis version is closer to the PNP game, is less linear, and has a nonexistant storyline. It aslo has a wicked cool cyberspace minigame.

The SNES was equally good, just different.

Is this 360 version just going to be a FPS? That tagline is suspect…


FPS or third person action is fine by me, just please god don’t let it be some turn based rule based tripe.

I want to live in the shadowrun world, not roll dice in it.

Do YOU remember the story from the Genesis version?

I FAR prefer the SNES version, but I can see why people like the Genesis version. I still have a copy of it, although I no longer have the SNES one…oh the horror! Anyway, in the Genesis version, I had no idea what to do.

I had no idea what to do in the snes. I kept renting the game at blockbuster so I played it at different stages, one was in a hacking part, another in a junkyard.

I love the SNES version, I replay it regularly. Can beat the game in 3-4 hours nowadays.

SNES Shadowrun was actually one of my favorite SNES games. It took me forever as a kid to figure out how to get the damn ticket.

I’ll play. I never could find a local PnP Shadowrun group here in town. I have the Genesis version as well.

The PnP game was great if you like playing with different character types and min/maxing and such. The RP possibilities were interesting too. HOWEVER, the system was broken. You could easily create characters that could not be killed by pistol shot to the head at point blank range (or even injured, for that matter). You had to have HUGE guns or super-powered spells. Still, I had a lot of fun with the game.

It’s a FPS.

But is it a FPS like Halo, or is it a FPS like System Shock 2/Deus Ex?
If it’s an rpg/fps hybrid game that would be pretty awesome. A straight up FPS, meh, not as excited.

I was hoping for something more like Knights of the Old Republic, a RPG-FPS could work too, especially if it leans more towards Vampire than Deus Ex. I can’t imagine they’d do a pure FPS, as that misses out on all the potential Shadowrun brings to the table. Then again, I kind of hope it’s lame, so I’m not enticed into getting a 360…

I was told it was a FPS, no specifics.

FASA Studios has shown that they are technically talented but creatively they are really lacking. Mechwarrior 4 was forgettable and Crimson Skies 2 was nearly shitcanned until they brought in an outside producer to punch up the storyline and gameplay. Unless they’ve drastically changed in the past two years (always possible) I wouldn’t get too excited.

… Fuck.

At least it’s also for PC. But… fuck.

Why’d they have to cartoonify the style? Sigh. Shadowrun is supposed to be dark, not cute.