Shadows of Doubt - Seed Game 01 - Qt3 District

Shadows of Doubt is a procedural detective game. The main thread about it is over here.

The idea with this thread is to supply a seed that qt3 players all can play to see whether we can compare notes. support each other’s investigations, etc. @anonymgeist and I thought it might be fun to try.

To try it out, I created the city Qt3 District, the seed for which is below. Check it out!

Seed: Qt3 District.1.3315.yKx4WBPvmEOcx9Dp

Awesome! I can’t wait to dive in this evening.

This might get me to buy into the early-access, despite my disappointment with the recent demo, buy will using the same seed generate the same cases, or just the same map?

That’s what we’re going to find out!

I started out at night, on a dark street, no job, no apartment. After wandering for a bit, I found my way into a bar and accepted a job to investigate a theft. The job said to call a phone number, so I did. “Answer the pay phone on Castro Street at 12:42 for details.”

Where the hell is Castro Street?!!? I wandered around a bit, then got a notice that the phone was ringing. That’s when I noticed the little hand icon, faint in the distance, showing me where the phone was. I sprinted over there and missed the call.

First job failed.

One of the map generation options was “procedural murders,” which I selected. So maybe that’s an option? My understanding is that the initial game state will be the same for everybody who uses the seed, but they may diverge depending on what we do?

Oh damn, I’m totally in, even though I haven’t finished the tutorial. Maybe I don’t need to! I give myself permission to live a little!

My Qt3 District is generating right now.

Wasn’t sure what gameplay settings you used, Clay, so I left those alone and just put the seed in.

All I did was set it to Normal difficulty.

I do have an apartment, so I guess that setting varies. But the decor is lime green, so it feels more like a punishment than a privilege.

I won’t say much about THE MURDER in case we do all get the same one, but to test for that I will say that my victim was carrying… a sniper rifle!

If anyone else gets that object we’ll know for sure there’s some overlap.

Oh, you’re right. I disabled that setting on mine.

Would you consider posting more details as a spoiler, perhaps? Even if the one you posted (which I haven’t check yet) varies, it’d be interesting to see what other differences and similarities show up.

Since I’ve done nothing but fail, I might restart with the same seed and set it so that I have an apartment, in hopes that gets us on the same trajectory.



As soon as someone else posts about their city’s first murder so I can confirm it’s not the same as mine I’m happy to go into way too much detail about whose shower I’m falling in to.

If there is overlap then I’ll do shorter updates with spoilers.

Here’s my apartment in Cutie Three City.

Check out that colour scheme and MASSIVE COWBOY POSTER.

I just restarted with the default settings and have the same apartment, so that’s a good sign?

Actually @Mr_Bismarck - Did you have Procedural Murders turned on in the settings? How did you get your first case? Note under the door?

I have procedural murders on. The first case was a scanner intercept* announcing a murder on [STREET].

When I went to [STREET] the victim was laying in the road.

*These just pop up on screen, you don’t need to do anything.

Ok, thanks. I’ll keep chugging in the current game to see if that happens.