Shadows Over Loathing - New Lovecraftian Silliness on Steam today

The hand-drawn RPG universe of the Loathing games has just shadow dropped a new iteration. It’s called Shadows of Loathing and it’s set in a 1920s/30s horror setting.

Full disclosure: One of my best friends is on the team. I got to play the beta version a bit. Same charmingly odd art, improved combat, and quirkiness abounds! I caught the Lovecraft vibes right off the bat, but what really fascinated me was that the central conceit is right out of Friday the 13th: The TV Series, if anyone remembers that.

I’ve really enjoyed Loathing from all the way back in the Kingdom days… I played it for quite a bit. The Toot Oriole stood out to me as in ‘yes, this is how you should do a Tutorial’. Then I went to the wrong side of the tracks and got hooked on goofballs (the first one was free!), which felt very Fallout. I can’t remember if it improved my Moxie, or something. Oh yeah, and there was a Haiku dungeon.

West of Loathing was great; I loled at unlocking the ‘silly walks’ ability. I think I nearly cracked up every time I WASDed after this.

I’ll be interested to hear what people think of this one. I imagine it’s smartly written, like the others, with lots of puns and inside references.

Ooh, had no idea they were doing this.

Can this be played on a recent/decent laptop without a discrete GPU?

It was completely unannounced until today.

Oh snap!

This is exciting. Loved KoL, and WoL.

Guess I am going to be SoL this weekend.