Shaggs Biopic

I have no idea who the audience for such a thing is, except me and maybe my wife, but a Shaggs biopic is in the works.

Who were The Shaggs? Imagine a more primitive Velvet Underground made by three sisters who’s complete lack of talent somehow shoots out the back of horrible to cycle around to brilliant outsider art. In university, I used to play the album to get people to leave after a party was over, and it never failed.

I fucked 'em. In fact “My Cutie” and “My Pal Foot Foot” were both written about me.

Naturally, they’re going to cute 'em up for the movie. Too bad…I’d love to see what Todd Solondz would do with a Shaggs movie.

I hear triggercut running this way.

The Shaggs always sounded like the mothers of punk should sound.