Shameless Self-

Since the new edict was aimed, mostly, in my direction (I’m still laughing at Denny’s post in the other thread)…

I apologize. I didn’t realize the links I was posting annoyed anyone to this extent and the huge influx of visits each link generated made me think they were in some way appreciated. I wish I’d been approached privately first, but I’ll certainly abide by the new rule.

Got pics of hot babes?

If you were willing to cough up some [size=7]payola[/size], I’d bet someone might be willing to link to all those interesting articles over at GamerDad.

I’ll give you half of what I’m making, after I pay my writers… hey wait, now you owe me money! :)

Is there a chain-of-guilt thing here? Like, theoretically, Bub could pay me money to link to his site. Theoretically.

I’m not sure I understand the question Jason. I was mainly just making a joke. I don’t want anyone here thinking I link to Quarter to Three to make money. The site is only four months old really and is at a “not expensive to run” but also “not making any money” stage. Given its narrow focus that’s a stage it may never break out of.

Out of all the message boards I know, this is the only one I visit regularly. I admire the people here and enjoy it when they read the articles I (or other people at GamerDad) write.

shoots Bub with tranquilizer dart

We need more people linking to 50000000 new screenshots of their in-development game.

What do you expect from a man who starts a deplorable site with a name like Gamer - Dad? His aim is obviously to get rich off the love* for our children. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

[size=2]*And the blood if the rumors are true.[/size]