Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Can we get a do-over on The Mandarin?

I like the costume. Not much else to go on at the moment.

That was the shortest “few weeks” ever!

It would be pretty cool if they gave Jessica Henwick at least a cameo appearance, but I seriously doubt it.

Not going to watch that trailer, since I’m pretty spoiler-averse, but looking forwards to watching this later in the year.

RIP possibilities of the batshit insane Iron Fist third season we never got.

Really hope this movie does the opposite of play it safe. Or at least the sequel finds courage…

In what regard? Pretty sure that Disney considers “Asian cast” to be a big risk already, so I wouldn’t expect them to do anything particularly interesting with it.

  • Ten Rings
  • Secret society vibe/feel
  • Lots of martial arts with interesting weapons
  • Organized crime and spy stuff that isn’t shot in bland Marvel blue filter with Marvel computers
  • Makluan race
  • Maybe Midnight as a villain or anti-hero. That wouldn’t be unsafe, just cool.

It’s just what I want, okay? :)

I’d also probably prefer that movie, but judging from Awkwafina’s presence, I fear there’s going to be a lot more plainclothes normal city Spiderman stuff than your spec.

I don’t know a lot about this property, but that trailer really did it for me - I’m very excited for this one now.

100% agreed.

Marvel really has a knack for announcing a movie that makes me go “Ya know, I’m not really sure about that one,” and then releasing a trailer that makes me go “Hell yeah!”

I mean there was no chance I wasn’t going to see it, because I really do trust them at the end of the day, but yeah. That trailer looks excellent.

What I’m interested in is the fight choreography.

So I looked who did them. Turns out here are some of the films they’ve worked on as a stunt coordinator.

Kingsman series
Pacific Rim
Wonder Woman (first one)
Scott Pilgrim
Basically every Jackie Chan movie from 1997 to 2007

Yeah that will do.

Ditto. I know nothing of the story, but I’m in for this.

I am pretty excited for the fights in this. Simu Liu is pretty athletic and skilled at stunts (and maybe a great martial artist; I only know about the first two items.) I feel good about the choreography team credits listed above, too.

I know! The ending of season 2 set up a completely awesome looking season 3 that sadly never happened.

oh and by the way, every cool shot with a nice action camera in WW was basically the stunt vis guys coming up with ideas to show off the choreography, that PJ just used wholesale…

This looks like a lot of fun. I don’t know why but I had a strange deja vu for the first TMNT film with Shredder and his Foot Clan… not a bad thing, I loved that flick!

I’ve like Simu Liu in Kim’s convenience, but he was playing a veeeeery soft character (even though he was supposed to have had a troubled past)… curious to see him give us more.

That’s a great list. The fight at the Church in the first Kingsman movie was amazing.

Anybody catch who that masked guy was? I never saw him in the comics (that I know of)

That’s the nicest news I’ve seen all morning. Thanks for this post, Craig!

Besides the 10 Rings tie-ins to the Iron Man movies, I wonder how much of a Marvel movie this will be. The bus crash scene in the trailer made me think of San Francisco, would that mean an appearance from some folks from the geographically similar Ant-Man movies? Will the movie need to spend five or ten minutes talking about who got blipped and what life was like when they got back? Will there be appearances from Danny Rand (who is the Iron Fist) or Stick?