Shanking Dinosaurs

Videos surfacing of the new Turok game and it actually looks kind of good. They seem to have taken a page from the new Rambo movie trailer with the level of bad ass brutality. Some videos of Turok shanking dinosaurs, and some soldiers too, here.

Dino-shanking. Awesome.

Turok sure is looking like a space marine now-a-days.

Because Space marines make mad cash.

I dunno. I got flashbacks to some of the scenes from The Last of the Mohicans with the close quarters combat and the slicing and dicing.

That looks … very non-interactive. How fun!

When I read the title the first thing I thought of was some sort of bizarre dinosaur-prison simulator. I’m incredibly disappointed that it’s just a new Turok game.

Or a sequel to Carnivores. Dinosaur hunting in a modern 3D Engine would be way more exciting news to me than Turok.

Dinosaur Oz would be awesome. Except for the dinosaur prison rape.

If it really does that first-person to third-person thing on every kill, I can see how that would get annoying pretty quickly.

I think you confused the words except and especially. Don’t worry, I do it sometimes too.

Well there is a whole shooting segment to the game too, watch the other vids, that one just highlights the hand to hand executions.

Oh, right, sorry. Well, it would also be worth it to see Dinosaur Inmate Adebisi with that little askew hat on his dinosaur head.


Not nearly enough gore. The shanked dinos don’t have huge bloody gashes in their necks. It’s like a car racer where the crashed cars have no body damage. Come on Turok, get with the fucking giblets already.

I’ve seen a lot of people on various sites complaining about the 3rd person follow-the-button-sequence melee kills for this but I never heard the same people bitch about it in God of War.

did you see…did you see what I did there?