Shards of Infinity

There’s one card that causes an opponent to lose mastery - Venator of the Wastes. Yeah, it might just fly by if an opponent played it.

Thanks. I saw it in my second game, which I won (but not due to that - I just played smarter).

Congratulations on the launch! I hope everything goes well for you and the team. I loved Ascension and picked this up on Android. I was looking for another card game after playing Meteorfall extensively and this came to my attention at the right time.

I am really enjoying this. Talk about incorporating game design lessons learned since Ascension into an Ascension-like system!

Where are most playing this a Mobile device or PC?

Oh sorry you’re right. I’m new to the apple system and the process is less transparent than on android. Got it now.😀

Can’t speak for anyone else but I play on my laptop

Picked it up and played the tutorial game last night. Seems like it will be fun. Hit 29 focus, but an ai hit 30 and got the reactor (I think?) played and won. How does the armor stuff work. I saw some cards had it, but it would seem to pop up during attacks and I wasn’t sure where that was from. Does it xfer from a card being to your guy and then gets burned as needed? Away from PC so cant look into it right now.

Subtract all armor from an attack, then apply the rest to self.

I don’t understand how armor works either, but to be fair, I’ve only played the tutorial + a couple of games.

I found a bug in the PC version (which is what I ended up getting): when trying to enter my email address, the @ didn’t work with my Norwegian keyboard (had to copy paste it from notepad). You normally get the character by pressing AltGr+2.

If you have any allies in your hand with armor, when the enemy attacks the damage will be deducted by the total of the armor.

I am exclusively playing on iPad.

Bought it on PC. But I haven’t played it yet.

Having a lot of fun vs the Medium AI on android. My favorite run so far consisted of a deck full of mostly green guys, with a couple elephants that would stomp my enemy for 6 damage if I was at full health. My deck was basically heal, heal, heal, stomp, stomp. And I relied quite heavily on damage-dealing mercenaries. I didn’t want to recruit them because they’d interfere with my heal draws (had to stay at max health), but hired them all the time.

I do wonder how poorly I would have done if my enemy simply snatched up all the big damage mercs.

And eeked through a couple Infinity Shard victories with infinite damage, but that was in easy ai while still learning the ropes.

Yes, but does armor last beyond the immediate turn if not used up? That’s the one major quibble I had with the app is that there ought to be an icon that displays the armor value.

No, the armor value is the total in your hand. Since you play your entire hand each turn, it cannot last past that turn. You can see the armor value just looking at your hand. Since there are no interrupts, there isn’t anything you could do about it, anyway.

Ok, thanks. But I would swear there are times when the ai benefits from armor and I can’t see any on their cards…but I don’t know the cards well enough and it may just be that it isn’t displaying it on the AI turn.

When the AI has armor in it’s hand, a little shield icon will appear with the total armor value. It’s to the left of the icons shoiwng the number of heroes, how much focus, and health.

Also, armor only protects against direct attacks. If a champion is attacked, damage is not reduced by armor.

There is also at least 1 champion that has armor so if it seems the ai is benefitting every time than they might have that champion. They could also just have a deck with lot of guys with armor.