Share incredibly useful web sites here

You know those cool sites you run across that you find incredibly useful? That others may not know about? Here’s a topic where we can share those. I’m thinking reference sites here – geek tweaks, game tips, etc.

To start, here’s one that’s great for figuring out which apps are safe to shut off with MSConfig to clean up your startup task list:

Tells you what all those annoying unknown apps in startup such as CCRegVfy do.

I doubt that this is an unknown site, but

is an interesting site if you are researching broadband. They’ve also got tests there for checking out your connection quality, and pricing lists for the broadband providers.

It’s possible I was the last person in the world to find out about , but in case I’m not, there ya go. Free maps to any location in the U.S., apparently.

You may be, but I cannot see where you would have needed it. Who wants to leave beautiful L.A.? :)

These are the two sites I go to most often on the web, Home of the Underdogs, which is a fantastic “game museum” of sorts, and Web Attack, one of the most useful download sites I’ve found. Enjoy.

Wow, I think there is a problem with Mapquest. I tried to map a route from Bellevue, WA to Santa Rosa, CA (planning a driving trip this summer). I’m getting vastly different results when I compare mapquest results to mappoint results (

Mapquest: BELLEVUE, WA 98008 Santa Rosa, CA Total Distance: 1658.89 miles Estimated Driving Time: 27 hours, 26 minutes

Mappoint: Start: 98008, Washington, United States End: Santa Rosa, California, United States. Total Distance: 818.7 Miles Estimated Total Time: 13 hours, 26 minutes.

Edit: duh, nevermind. mapquest is giving me a round trip figure.

I’ve never made the trip before, but of the two I’m inclined to believe mappoint.

I think I am way late to the party on this one, but I recently discovered the joys of

for movies, everyone knows about, but how about for my money, it beats rotten tomatos hands down.

A great resource for getting older games/apps to run under Windows NT\2000\XP.

Hey, cool, didn’t know about Webattack.

As for MapQuest… Let me just recommend buying Microsoft’s $20 Streets and Trips, which gives you faster maps, far better directions, and many more routing options than any of the web mapping sites. Probably my favorite non-game program from Microsoft.

So as to keep on topic, I’ll share another useful one… If you’re in the market for a new cell phone:

cool! let’s see…:


Good Morning Silicon Valley
Google News
Wall Street Journal


Game Faqs


All Music


Price Grabber
Anand Tech Hot Deals Forum


Rob Neyer
Baseball Prospectus
Baseball Reference Dot Com

that’s a good listing of what i usually need to surf on a daily basis (baseball mostly during the season…)

Official US Time for resetting your PC’s clock:

For Californians, the CHP’s real time traffic incident report (check for freeway problems before you leave the house):

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Google’s beta testing their price search engine,

The New Hacker’s Dictionary, for when them comp-u-tar guys talk funny:

Lists of coupons & deals:

Coupons & deals, and also information on upcoming deals:

Not really useful unless you are expecting a plane in very soon, but fun to look at:
LAX Airport Monitor (there are other airports available, too):

I love Rob Neyer’s column. He reminds me of a gamer; it’s like he can’t realize how obvious everything is, and how everyone ignores it. Like some of the discussions here: “How could [Insert Name of Company] be that stupid?” (He’s really fond of italicizing words for emphasis, which I don’t like, but anyway…)

If you like baseball, I like David Pinto’s blog

Not really useful unless you are expecting a plane in very soon, but fun to look at:
LAX Airport Monitor (there are other airports available, too):

Whoa, let’s hope terrorists don’t see that site!


yeah, sometimes he takes the whole sabermatician thing a little far, but often times i get what is he is trying to say…poor guy is a KC fan, so i am sure he feels like people (KC GM, KC Manager, KC Fans) ignore the obvious. :lol:

many thanks! i’ll check it out. never can have to many good sites where people postulate on baseball…they always seem to help me in my fantasy league!

The following site can lead to serious eyestrain…