Sharon: "There will be a Palestinian state"

In his first interview since winning last year’s Israeli election, Ariel Sharon gives an interview to the left-leaning newspaper Ha’aretz to say at least three things no Israeli PM has ever said before.

  1. There will be a Palestinian state eventually.

  2. Israel will part with Bethlehem and many of its settlements.

  3. Israel now believes it has a partner for negotiations in good faith (in the person of Abu Mazen).

Needless to say (though Sharon says it anyway), the impetus for the renewed “road map” negotiations is the destruction of the Saddam regime: “I think opportunities have currently been created that did not exist before. The Arab world in general and the Palestinians in particular have been shaken. There is therefore a chance to reach an agreement faster than people think.”

Of course, he does not promise to pull the brakes on the settlements, while still demanding that there are to be no terrorist attacks at all before talks can even commence. He makes no concessions for goodwill prior to peace talks, it’s all about the Palestinians. They must do this and they must do that…

If something even resembling a viable state comes out of all this I’ll be shocked.

The fact that he is considered to be a moderate in itself speaks volumes of Israel. He stands so far to the right that the people to the right of him openly speak of deporting all Palestinians to Jordan!

Sharon is an cold-hearted bastard… I fear that my command of the English language is not enough to properly express my feelings for him. A row of expletives would not suffice.

Of course, he does not promise to pull the brakes on the settlements, while still demanding that there are to be no terrorist attacks at all before talks can even commence.

Oy, the chutzpah of those pishers! It’s like they don’t want people to get murdered or something.

Plus Sharon fukin murders American citizens. Remember the American protestor that was killed last month? Who killed her? It wasn’t the Palestinians… yea, that’s right it was the Israeli government! And their excuse… Well she got in the way of the bulldozer.

Bullshit! We should bomb Israel for murdering an American.


Sharon has a history of making promises and then doing nothing, so I wouldn’t get too excited.

Is it going to look like Beirut?

"1. There will be a Palestinian state eventually. "

oooo, thats a huge concession there

I also like the painful concession to “withdraw from some of our illegal settlements”.
Not a direct quote :)

Eventually, maybe, sometime after peace talks have concluded, they’ll give the land back to the Palestinians on the condition that the state of Israel get’s to lease it and dispose of it freely for 100 Shekel a year until the year 10,000 AD. But only if Israel retains the right to establish a 20-mile security zone on Palestinian land around all settlements, and get to control all roads leading to, from, and in a 50-mile radius of each settlement. With a security zone of 2 miles on both sides of each road of course.

Israeli-style concessions. <spits>

While the Scandinavians are going off on their anti-Israeli kick, I think it’s important to remember this: Sharon may recognize that a Palestinian state is inevitable, but the feeling’s not mutual. Except for Egypt, no Arab state recognizes the existence of Israel, much less is willing to acknowledge that it will continue to exist in the future. I’ve been reading quite a bit of Arab News and Al Jazeera since the start of the war, and I get the distinct impression that most of the Arab world would be pleased as punch if ever Jew in the Middle East was incinerated or driven into the sea.

The settlements in the occupied territories are, without a doubt, both stupid and immoral. But there’s no great rush to seize the moral high ground on either side of this conflict.

I harbor no love for Palestinian terrorists, and I do not envy the Israeli position in regards to surrounding states. I do, however, think that the Israeli, being a well-organized democracy, could and should be the bigger person and not act in such a brutal manner as they do.

I have no love for the Arab governments, but their relevance in this matter is limited. The Arab world would most likely cheer if Israel was crushed, I have no illusions about that, nor do I support it. But Israeli war crimes and violations of the Geneva convention only serve to fuel this desire.

There is no moral high ground in this conflict, I agree with you there. But I look to the one democratic nation involved and wonder why they lower themselves to their enemies’ level. If Hamas blows up civilians I am disgusted. If Israel retaliates and blows up more civilians in retaliation I am even more disgusted because is it too much to ask for Israel to rise above Hamas!

And then there are the illegal settlements. They’re not stupid, they are blatantly illegal, inhabited by the worst kind of zealous fanatics that are the equal of any muslim fundamentalist in hatred, bigotry and capacity for violence.

I support the existance of the state of Israel. I just can’t support Israel’s crimes against humanity.

Fuck Sharon! Fuck the Holy People! Let us drive out the bloodthirsty jews back to the sea again. Let USA do the same as they did in Iraq recently… ohh I am sorry… I forgot that USA was run by jews.

Yeah, that “wrap the towel around my head” thing doesn’t work in real life.