Shatner careens of the deep end

Jeez. What an asshole.

I want my 30 seconds back.

This is entirely on-message for McCain.

Shatner: Oh, that’s good, good, good, good. And then, George, you give them a karate chop!

Takei: I find that offensive. Just because I’m of Japanese ancestry you assume I know karate. Have I ever led you to believe I’ve studied karate?

Shatner: Well, no, but you never talk about yourself.

Takei: (sad) Maybe if you showed a little interest.

“The whole thing makes me feel badly,”

It’s a real problem, obviously. He can’t even feel properly anymore.

This really seems more like a case of mis-communication, honestly.

I’m the world’s biggest Shatner apologist (we have a clubhouse and a newsletter) but this is just wacky. When I’m 77 and wrapping up my fourth hit TV show, surely I will find more productive things to do than bitch in a video blog. He did a similar thing to J.J. Abrams over his non-appearance in Trek XI.

Holy shit he is 77…

I can’t get behind that.

Trek, TJ Hooker, Boston Legal, and … ?

Tek War!!!

Rescue 911!


ee pleb neesta


I was thinking Rescue 911, which ran longer than any of his shows, but I forgot all about TEKWAR.

Whatever happened to Greg Evigan anyway? That girl on My Two Dads was cute.

Really? Definitely the best thing I’ve ever seen him in then.

So there’s one final frontier he won’t have anything to do with.

I’ve read nothing good about Shatner.

(Well, kinda…)

His cover of Pulp’s Common People was pretty awesome, if that counts?