Shatner goes all Costikyan on Star Trek's ass sez

Shatner Slams Stale ‘Star Trek’

Acting veteran William Shatner may have gained fame by starring in the Star Trek series - but he believes the show is now “old hat.” The 71-year-old star first shot to fame as Captain James T. Kirk in the 1966 TV series, but now he refuses to watch the many spin-off programs and films, believing they’ve lost what made them great. He says, “It needs something new. The people responsible for it have lost its way and they need to find it again. They need a whole new group of talent to give a fresh approach. By doing too many things, they have lost Star Trek’s way because of greed.” Despite his comments, Shatner was this week reunited with many former original cast members at the TV Land Awards, in which Star Trek won the Pop Culture award. He commented, “Here I am winning a Pop Culture Award and I am disconnected with pop culture. Whenever I get on these shows and they ask about pop culture I never know what to say.”

Hail Shatner!

Why yes, Star Trek needs more scantily clad green babes with 4 tits, and captains that beam down to bang them. Every episode should start with the reset button, computers should always be evil, aliens should be completely weird, non-sensical and mysterious in a “wtf” kinda way, rather than a subtle, “hey, what’s their gig” way. You need a sacrificial lamb - preferably in a red jersey. The acting should be completely melodramatic, no simple decision can be simple - it must be fraught with moral, emotional and logical dilemmas.

My favorite thing about Star Trek is how all the aliens look so remarkably human… except they have that little bump above their noses and crazy eyebrows. CLEARLY ALIENS!

Maybe once CGI gets cheap enough, we’ll see alien races on TV that are actually, I don’t know, alien.


IIRC, Babylon 5 had some pretty alien-looking aliens.

Farscape does, too.

I gotta agree with Shatner on this one. I watch Enterprise from time to time, and it’s a decent show (better than Voyager by a long shot). But the whole franchise has been sliding since Next Generation. Since even the Next Generation movies have been mostly mediocre, I have to assume that it’s more than just having a good cast. The folks in charge of the creative direction of the franchise are probably just burned out.

Man, I fucking love Farscape. I went home for Christmas and my Dad had bought my Mom the entire first season. I watched them all in two sittings (I never have done this before). Now I’m jonezing to watch the rest, which is an impossibility right now since I have neither a television or a DVD player.

Claudia Black? Sexiest ugly girl ever.

Got a decent net tap? There was a thread on how to download your favorite shows.

In the sense that they look like they call come from the Planet Muppet. I’ve only seen a few episodes, and I respect what Farscape is trying to do with the “more alien aliens,” but I was NOT impressed with the look of the muppets.

I think that the last three seasons Of Deep Space Nine were the best of any Trek series so far.

Babylon 5 was my favorite Star Trek series.

And yes, I know it wasn’t.

The final seasons, with the great war and all, were pale imitations of B5. Even the mystical fate of Sisko. And B5 had more convincing politics.

I like Enterprise. And Voyager is growing on me in reruns - at least when they don’t do a time-warp deus ex machina thing. Which is every other episode.

But TNG and Classic Trek are where its at.


Is anyone really watching Enterprise? It’s abysmal. More of the same boring, derivative crap. I switch it on every now and then, read the program description, then switch it off. The plots are ridiculously dull. This past week’s was something about crewmembers acting strange when doing routine tasks about the ship. Zzzzzzzzz…

Basically the same people have been doing Star Trek for, what is it now? 16 years? Same writers, same directors, same producers, same music, same artists, same costume designers. Unfortunately, they ran out of original ideas about halfway thru Next Generation (and their original ideas weren’t that good to begin with). They’ve been repeating themselves ever since.

My TV listing in the paper for this past week says: “Enterprise: While traveling through an unknown area of space, the crew begins behaving strangely”. Whew, we’ve only seen that 20 or 30 times before. At least it wasn’t a time travel episode.

And it was even worse than I thought. How does the crew behave strangely? They become obsessed with mundane tasks. The asian chick (who’s way cuter than the Vulcan, BTW) became obsessed with cooking. Riveting television I can assure you.

The fact is that the people in charge, from executive producers on down, have cushy, well paid jobs. It’s almost like a private club – a lot of the same people even write the Star Trek novels and comic books. Paramount needs to fire all of them, wait 5 years, and start up a new Trek series with totally new creative people. Star Trek is, in concept, so open that there really is no limit to the stories one could tell.


The sad thing is that any star trek fan can give you a half-dozen ideas they haven’t covered off the top of his head.

The opening theme song by Diane (queen of the Aerosmith '90s ballads) Warren sounds like you’re watching a truck commercial. It’s horrible…

I totally agree with Shatner.

Maybe they should make a show 300 years ahead of the Next Generation where the Federation has been all but destroyed and 1 man who remembers what the federation was like (a la Buck Rogers) sets out with his ship (the Enterprise, of course) to rebuild the Federation with a rag tag crew of miscreants. Wait…

That’s the reason I liked Andromeda during the first 2 seasons - it was basically a what if for the star trek universe.

Thats Andromeda? I must admit I’ve never seen an actual episode. When it first came on, I had DirectTV and no locals. So I missed it. Now have cable and noticed its on but I’ve heard that its pretty bad now so I haven’t tried to watch it. Still the concept sounds interesting.

As for enterprise, I like it. it entertains me once a week, so I try to ignore all the other problems it has.

First two seasons were pretty good, it’s been kind of dragging as of late. That and it used ot have a excellent opening theme song.

Anyway yeah - since Andromeda was created by Roddenbery, I always assumed it was what he wanted to do the Star Trek universe but never had the guts to do.

The final seasons, with the great war and all, were pale imitations of B5. Even the mystical fate of Sisko. And B5 had more convincing politics.


Babylon 5 is my favorite sci-fi show as well, so you’re preaching to the choir.

As for Enterprise, Rick Berman recently said they’re going to “punch-up” the storyline in the coming episodes since the show has gotten a bit bland. We can only hope.