Shatner to star in 'Shit My Dad Says' pilot

I thought there was already a thread here about Shit My Dad Says turning into a sitcom, but I can’t seem to find it to bump properly.

Anyway, it looks like William Shatner got the part of “My Dad.” My mind is still battling it out whether this makes things better or worse. I guess it can technically only make it better, since the idea of ‘shit my dad says’ as a sitcom is pretty much at the bottom of the barrel to begin with.

Personally, I always read those tweets in my head with the voice of Stacy Keach from his days on Titus.

OMG, I loved Titus, and now will always hear his voice when I read those. Hahaha

The profanity is a pretty integral part of those Tweets, so I have no idea how this is going to work on network television.

Weird coincidence that @shitmydadsays famously only follows @levarburton and then Shatner gets cast for the show. Will he add @WilliamShatner? He hasn’t yet!

A list of potential titles:
Shat My Dad Says
My Dad, Shat
My Dad Shat
Shat, My Dad
Shat is My Father
My Father is William Shatner
Your Father is Not William Shatner

It’ll be his biggest series since TekWar!

Has an actor ever had five hit series? Star Trek (yes, I know it wasn’t a ratings hit originally), TJ Hooker, Rescue 911, Boston Legal, and now potentially Shit My Shat Shat? Actually, has another actor ever had four? This is exciting.

I’m pretty sure Shatner’s Raw Nerve on Biography has had decent ratings too. I just don’t understand how you make a show out of tweets. Is this the new “based on the stand-up of some comic” sit-com model?

It’s a fucking idiotic concept, but I think it’s rather apparent how the (extremely overrated) tweets would translate: LOOK AT THIS KOOKY YET RAMBUNCTIOUS OLD DUDE, which sans the obscenity makes it a fairly run-of-the-mill sitcom!

The appeal has less to do with Tweets and more to do with the character (er, real person), and an interesting character is a perfectly valid thing on which to base a show. But I agree that there is no way this concept could ever be good on network television. They aren’t even going to be able to use the title, fer chrissakes. Maybe HBO could take the concept in the direction it would need to go, but CBS sure as hell can’t.

My guess: The tweets will appear on title cards coming out of commercial breaks, “Frasier”-style. Other than that, it’ll be a standard sitcom.

God, this is terribad

Wow. It’s as is they’re trying to make it as bad as possible. Maybe the creators saw The Producers and got inspired.

Even the laugh track sounds a bit depressed and forced.

Yeah, that was terrible. I predict cancellation in 5 episodes.

I’m not liking the Shat in this at all. His delivery is completely unnatural and forced. Stacy Keach in his Titus role was what I imagined.

ugh, that video is very depressing… I miss Denny Crane :(

I found it mildly amusing in a boring, inoffensive sort of way.

Bleep My Dad Says. Catchy title.

Huh, I predict it will last 8 years with great ratings while much better things are canceled left and right after 1 or 2 seasons.