Shattered Suns?

Anyone had a go at this game? Opinions? Comparions to Sins of a Solar Empire?

I liked Sin but missed the campaign side of this genre of game.

Steer way clear. I was assigned to cover this for someone and after playing it for a while, I actually convinced my editor to not even bother with it.

I really want to champion the “little guys”, but not when they’re this oblivious to what it takes to make a good RTS. :(


Predictable outcome.

Reading a 0/10 review from Tom might be entertaining though.

So bad Tom literally couldn’t be paid to play it.

Too bad. Still waiting for the new MoO2. In fact couldn’t someone just update the graphics?

Thanks for the reply.

I think the graphics are fine, it is just the UI that is painfully archaic.

I was expecting this game to be either completely brilliant or a world of suck.

An unfortunate outcome, I could do with some beamweapon action. I even replayed Freespace 2 recently!

Higher res, better UI and 3d (turn based) combat would be great.

Wish they would just remake old games with updated graphics and minor tweaks for modern machines instead of continuing to make failed sequels. Ala Dune Emperor as opposed to Dune 2000.

I’d certainly pay to play Ultima IV professionally redone in a modern gaming engine for example. Or even going back further Fairy Tale Adventure on the Amiga. There must be a market for it. I cant be the only one who would like to see old games updated as opposed to ongoing sequels with hit and miss story lines.

Hey, when does Freespace 2 get going? I am on mission 10 and it’s all pretty basic so far. I barely have time to dogfight before the AI kills the bad guys for me. Can’t seem to find a good balance between sensitivity and deadzone, either.

Going in what sense exactly? Storyline?

Also, the AI killing the bad guys for you won’t be an problem in later missions. Rather the other way around.

In terms of game. The first 10 missions are 10 minutes each, really basic, could beat them without doing anything. Half of that is training and I know I’m only a fourth of the way through the game, just curious.

It starts to pick up once the nebula missions start. Also, do all the optional missions.

I posted this in the Bargain Thread, but for anyone that’s interested in this game,’s Deal of the Day is Shattered Suns for $17.99.

As I have repeatedly learned to my regret, a sale price on pure crap isn’t a bargain, it just means you waste less money.

I didn’t know if the game was good or not. I know it sounds way too hardcore for a moron like myself.

Get out of this thread and go back to playing your Halos.


I’ve been playing a bit of Too Human, and I have to say that even though it’s fucking monotonous because all the monsters consist of Geths, it’s still a billion times more fun than Space Siege and Hellgate London, two games it is most similar to.

Presentation’s nice, too.

As for Shattered Suns, I saw this yesterday on Steam but the low-res video they have up there pretty much turned me off.

Its on Steam now, I heard that the camera system is so bad you can’t find your units on it, let alone control anything.

I saw a video of someone playing the tutorial and man must it suck.
There are also a few revealing (albeit brief) Amazon reviews.
Many reviewers are probably like Tom here in that they refuse to touch this even with a ten foot pole, but I think this is kinda disappointing.
I for one WOULD like to have reviews telling me a game sucks and I needn’t bother with it.
Now, on Metacritic there’s only a single (negative) customer review, but some idiot voters (prolly the developers themselves) drove up the user rating to 8.0.
My only explanation is that this game must be so handicapped it’d feel wrong (morally) for reviewers to pick on it. Or something.