Shaun of the Dead - April 9

Well, in the UK at least:

cool. looks like a must see!

Has anyone any word on US release?

I wouldn’t count on an American release. It’ll be an art-house type of release at best, DVD/video at worst. US distributors are chickenshits with any foreign releases.

I live in seattle. I’ll see it.

As I understand it, Universal is planning a limited release here toward the end of the year. Of course a lot depends on how the movie does in the UK, how Dawn of the Dead is received next month, etc, etc.

Yeah, by next year there will be no end of the damn zombie movies at the Oscars.

Get off me, you bummer!

Gaz, does this not convince you once and for all that zombies just aren’t scary?

Has watching seasoned Madden players fumble punt returns over and over again ever convinced you that Madden ain’t exactly a great football game?



They tend to be less scary when featured in a comedy, Jim.