Shaun of the Dead -- finally saw it

Caught the first showing today and loved it. Very funny, while also genuinely creepy and emotional in all the right places. Also a great tribute to the Romero canon, with some classic moments of gore (including one guy being literally torn in half, Day of the Dead-style).


EDIT: Currently 92% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Always good to see preconceived opinions so triumphantly validated. Here’s a contrary view point though: it isn’t even boring enough to qualify as an experience, let alone funny enough to be considered a comedy. It is a non-experience in every way. Totally stay away unless something being British automatically equals sophisticated humor to you, or unless you are so uncritical that any movie making geek references is an automatic direct hit on your own internal Tomatometer.

According to the movie poster, Stephen King gives it a “10 on the fun meter”. I don’t know what the fun meter goes to, but I get the impression King likes it. Jesus, Crypt, it wasn’t that bad. Had a couple of funny jokes, a little action, a brief period of drama, some snogging. Is snogging British for bad playstation 2 jokes? Because that’s what I’m talking about. Speaking of which, was it the lame ending that made you so mad? I can almost see that, but that was more or less offset by the sequence where they first discover there’s a zombie plague afoot.

Except then that was offset by the kind of embarrassing “pretend to be zombies” scene. Still, it wasn’t that that bad. In fact, it wasn’t even bad. Parts of it were good. Not good enough that I’m going to argue with you about it or see it again.

Saw it tonight, loved it. Very sublime humor, just what I was hoping for.

A poem for DrCrypt.

There was a young man named Wyatt
Who’s voice was remarkably quiet
Then one day it faded away
. . .

Spike Milligan

Erik, don’t mind me - I’m still totally surfing my crimson wave from the last time Whitta and I playfully argued the merits of this particular film, Whiita taking the Koontz “I haven’t seen it but here’s why you’re wrong” position. I think my real thing is that it’s just a completely bland comedy in almost every way and I sort of wince when I see people referring to it with words like “sublime” that are generally reserved for Renaissance paintings or the time they did a bitching 1080 on their skateboard and, like the Arab moral dilemma, landed in a super model.

Like I said at the time, I went in totally expecting to love this one - I’m a huge zombie geek, so it isn’t like I don’t have the cred or the will to like this sort of thing. I was really disappointed. My impression is a lot of people are giving a free pass to this one. Although I actually DO like the “pretend to be zombies” part. As a kid, feverishly dreaming up survival plans in the inevitable zombie holocaust to come, I always wondered if that one would work. And I think snogging is the British word for that farting noise you make on babies’ tummies.

Totally agree. Really enjoyable.

My guess is that if you think the Romero films are good you’ll enjoy this one. If you don’t you won’t.

I loved all the subtle tips of the hat to other zombie films as the news reports keep dropping hints as to the origins of Zombies.


And c’mon, the Zombie TV commercials at the end are worth the price of admission just by themselves.

I could tell you what snogging means, but your suggestions are far more entertaining.

I can’t wait to check this one out. I haven’t even seen it yet and I can already tell it will be added to my dvd collection.

Oh God, don’t let Crypt see that.

This was an awesome movie. Some very funny parts, and some very creepy ones. A must for any fan of the genre!

For once I agree with Crypt, I too was fairly disappointed. It wasn’t bad by any means, it just failed to live up to my expectations. The whole idea struck me as fantastic, I would swear there is a brilliant movie waiting to be made on the subject. This just wasn’t it.

Shoulda gone to see Skycaptain and saved this for a rental.

Note I like fart jokes, it just wasn’t enough though.

So, I’ve just ordered this, because it doesn’t seem like it will be in thatres over here.
But browsing CDWow raised another question, I will now pose to my fellow zombie lovers.

Triology of the Dead or Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition (4 disk set)?

I an’t all films on dvd, but can’t afford both edition straight away… and if the Triology of the Dead set has the right edition of Dawn of the Dead, then maybe owning the two additional versions on the other set is slightly overkill.
Who’s seen it and can guide me?

I just saw it and really enjoyed it. spoilers ahead It doesn’t force humor on you, it just happens and I found it really funny. It wasn’t just a comedy though, there was also lots of gore and in the end only two of the six make it intact.

just came back from watching this flick… i loved it! British humour is great.

I was too drunk to remember wtf happened in the movie. Doh!

go back and see it… or rent it when you are sober… great flick!