Shaving Technologies

I wash my face with this stuff, available at drugstores nationwide. It feels good.[/quote]

Just wanted to thank JMJ for the suggestion. It’s been working great and yeah, it feels good. :)[/quote]

Hey, sweet! :D

I use a sensor excell two blade razor. I shave with the grain. Going against causes no end of problems for me with ingrown hairs. It’s not silk smooth but I don’t care. I go three to four days between shaving and almost never shave more than twice a week. By Friday I usually have a nice shadow, but that’s for other people to get over. It’s not worth destroying my face to look sharp for other people. I’d let it grow out but then I strat breaking out again. Go figure.

Has anyone seen this new Mach 3 Power razors from Gillette? Have you tried them? I got to tell you, the only difference I can tell is that the Power is actually battery operated and appears to vibrate as you shave. Letting aside the entire “electrocute myself while shaving in the shower” concern, is it really a good idea to have a vibrating, razor-sharp razor? Electric razors vibrate but the blades aren’t particularly sharp. If I get some thumbs up, I might give it a shot, but I’m looking for impressions.

I started shaving when I was around 17, and quickly found that it irritated the heck out of my skin. Shaving in different directions helped a little, but not much. My neck in particular was a complete mess.

Within a year, I’d gotten an electric, and that basically solved the problem. I’ve been using Panasonics and Brauns for the past 17 years, and it’s about as hard for me to imagine going back to a razor as it would for me to stop wearing contacts. (harder, in fact.)

I’m the reverse. I started with electrics and have switched to razors. I find I get a better shave.

Nah, I can get the same effect from using a regular Mach 3 after drinking a few cups of coffee on an empty stomach.

Anyone here use a straight razor? I’ve heard they give very good shaves but that they take a bit of practice.

I had a roomie who got into straight razors, but I never made the jump.

To me the straight razor advantage is for professionals - find a good barber shop that does straight razor shaves, and enjoy.

Straight edge is hard to learn. Also that learning process can involve a lot of self mutilation.

I personally use the Mach3. The quattro makes my face feel burny and hurty. I use edge shaving gel if I need it, and nivea aftershave.

Practice with a balloon. Seriously; blow up a balloon and put some Barbasol on it. When you can remove the shave cream without popping the balloon, try on your face.

In practice, a straight razor is a very good shave, but it takes far longer than a regular safety razor that it just isn’t worth it (for me, at least)

Crypt, the Mach3 Power thing runs on like a AAA battery, and the risk of shock is tiny.

I haven’t used it, but from what I’ve heard/read, it’s not all that different from the normal Mach3.

If I popped a ballon with a straight razor in my hands, I’d probably take off a limb, or at least a couple of fingers. I’ll stick to my crappy Mach3, methinks.

I had a bit of acne when I was a teen, and I’d still have it now (27) but for one item - TEA TREE OIL FACE CLEANER. Seriously. I had prescription crap and everything, nothing helped like this. Trader Joe’s has it, if you are near one.

Razor-wise, I always heard a blade was better for acne since it scraped off much in the way of dead skin, but that might depend on his acne coming from excess oils or from dry skin.

Okay, I picked up the Mach 3 Power and gave it a go. I have to say, I’m a total fan boy of the Mach 3 in general - I still remember picking it up when it came out seven years ago with a degree of skepticism that it could possibly be better than the Sensor Excel and then wandering around the office with a stern look of command and ordering people to feel my cheeks and expressing contempt when they weren’t immediately laid low by the beatific reverie they should have felt at my miraculously follicleless cheeks. A couple years later, I was working at Gillette and simply because they produced the Mach 3, I totally bought into the entire corporate ideology. I’ve been pretty much a first day adopter of all the other Mach 3 iterations, but all of them have more or less felt like PR stunts to me - I don’t think there’s a significant leap in performance between the Mach 3 and the Mach 3 Turbo, for example.

But man - the Mach 3 Power is honestly as big a leap from the Mach 3 as the Mach 3 was from the Sensor Excel. A really amazing razor. My cheeks are completely clean, my skin feel clean and tingly and I got a better shave in about half the time that it usually takes.

It’s definitely a different paradigm though. I don’t really like to shave every day, so I tend to shave every two-three days. I ended up “saving up” my stubble for a few days prior to shaving with the M3 Power, to the point where it was more little hairs than actual stubble. A Turbo would handle this flawlessly, but unfortunately, my first impression of the M3 Power were unfavorable. I turned on the vibrator and started shaving but it was uncomfortable - it seemed like it was less cutting the hairs than yanking on them. I applied more gel but I still had the same problem. So then I turned off the vibrator and did a very quick preliminary shave (just a few swipes on each cheek and under my neck, about 15 seconds flat). Then I turned the vibrator back on. Honestly, I couldn’t even believe I was shaving. I barely even felt the razor going over my skin - it felt like shaving with some rubber razor. It seems like the M3 Power’s vibrating technology is really aimed at every day shaving. Now that I’m in the groove though, I should be fine.

Go grab yourself one. It’s a great razor - my cheeks feel like the inner thighs of virgin angels. Some review I found on the internet described it as being “like dragging a big pink eraser over your cheeks”. Best Mach 3 yet.

How come we don’t get guys like this where I work?

How come we don’t get guys like this where I work?[/quote]

Harassment laws?


I had a certain friend give both me and a mate one of the Mach3 Powers upon their visit here.

All I can say is wow. Good bye shitty electric shaver. Hello Mach3. I’m not even sure waxing would make my face feel as smooth as it does now. It’s like I’d never even had a beard.


So I have this problem: I hack the crap out of my face if I wait any less than 4 days between shaving. Electric, mach 3, doesn’t matter - unless i’ve got a start of a beard on there when I’m shaving, by the time I’m finished I’m a bloody mess.

Advice? No matter how slow I go about it, doesn’t help.

Are you using skin moisturizer? Facial soap?

That’s my first completely unedumacated guess.

Do you hot-water-up your face beforehand?