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I just use the regular Mach 3 blades on them. The “old” blade models are about 50% cheaper than the new ones. My face doesn’t really care that the older blade cartridge colors don’t match the green blade handle.

It’s not about speed, it’s about tension and control. If you aren’t holding the blade at a natural, comfortable angle to your face, you’re going to get yourself–especially if you do long strokes. But the blade on your face, pull down until you feel like you will have to change angles–usually and inch or two–then rinse and repeat.

Also, as the previous posters questioned, what are you doing to your beard beforehand? Beards (and the skin that holds them) are meant to be softened in a shower or with a steaming hot towel before shaving. You wouldn’t cut down a tree without soaking it in water for 20 minutes would you? Or at least moisturizing it?

Yeah, what Joel said.

Scrape the hair off your face in very short strokes. That long stroke stuff you see in commercials, with the man smiling with perfect teeth, is strictly Hollywood.

But, yes. Either put steaming hot towels on your face after washing it, or shave immediately after taking a hot shower.

I usually rub some Pond’s deep-moisturizing cream (SPF15) on my face prior to lathering up with shaving cream, but that’s just me.

Hmm, ok. I shall report back.

I’m waaaay late to the discussion, but I just wanted to report that I was on Accutane, and I give it a thumbs up. Of course, at this point in my life I am damn near albino pale, but I have this strange feeling that it has nothing to do with the Accutane ;)

Seriously, I’m the whitest person I know. Just wish I had the badass Red eyes to go with it…

Now back to 日本語



I just use the regular Mach 3 blades on them. The “old” blade models are about 50% cheaper than the new ones. My face doesn’t really care that the older blade cartridge colors don’t match the green blade handle.[/quote]

Yeh we had a look around, I thought they may need special blades but any Mach3 blade seems to fit just fine. Thanks :)

Well that didn’t help at all. Long, short, soak time, whatever - none of it makes the slightest difference. I’m not getting the traditional “oh man I fucked up oh” long cuts in my face; just by the time I’m done I have all these blood point sources. It’s like my face looks like the Cascade mountains on close-up.

Jason, if I’m ever up in your neck of the woods, I’ll come around and help ya chop some timber.

Jason, I’d recommend buying yourself a good shaviing oil as well as a shaving gel for sensitive skin. Then buy yourself a Mach 3 Power, oil and lather yourself up, and shave with it in the shower. I know some people have sort of an issue with shaving blind, but there’s no reason you need a mirror - it won’t help you prevent from cutting yourself, it’s just a psychological thing for some people. The steam and heat are worth the psychological trade off. Also, the Mach 3 Power helps raise the hairs - it feels like a rubber eraser going across your skin. If all of that doesn’t work, I think you’ll just need to deal with the fact that your skin just can’t handle a once a day shave.

Oh, another question: you’re not black, are you? If not, does your beard comprise of a lot of nappy or in-grown hairs? If so, if the Mach 3 Power doesn’t work, you might want to see if a black man’s razor helps. I have a buddy (black) who had similar problems as you no matter what he tried until he bought himself a razor specifically designed for a black man. Obviously, I can’t comment on any of this first hand, but he now shaves every day with no problems.

Also, try using more of a gliding motion, instead of your current violent hacking stabbing motions.

I bought the Mach 3 Power some while ago, primarily because I thought it was too absurd not to at the time. I never expected it to work so amazingly well. Can’t get fooled again!

I’m white as all get out, but I’m adopted, so who knows, maybe I have the right heritage for the problems. I’ll try yon recommedations, thanks.

Or he can just get a non-fogging mirror for shaving in the shower.

Am I the only one here that dry shaves? Mach 3 razor and nothing else-no water, no lotion, no aftershave. It’s the only way I’ve found that doesn’t cause my neck to break out.

I’ve found that one way to reduce pain and grabbiness is if you go with the grain, starting from an area with no hair.

To keep the neck from getting torn up, start your pull from high up on your cheek and go smoothly down the neck.

If the razor clogs up with too much hair before then, you now have a nice low hair path to come down from, and start chopping hairs from the base.

I think if you just drop the razor into the middle of the bush, the blades catch the hairs at any point along the shaft, leading to pain and blood.

As this thread amply demonstrates, everyone’s face is different. You just need to try a bunch of shit to find what works best for you. One way isn’t inherently better than another. Except mine, of course.

Here’s my problem. I get these dark spots on my chin and neck. They look like regular shaven hairs, but darker and thicker. I think they might be ingrown hairs, but I’m not sure. Anyway, sometimes they turn into pimples. Not regular pimples, but those painful cystic pimples that take forever to go away. I even have a couple of spots under my chin where I can still feel them, even though it’s been like a year since I had the actual pimple. Anyone know what the problem is here?

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Nut, you’re not supposed to slather Nair all over your face. It works by basically being a chemical burn. Nair for Men is for everything BUT your face, your testicles, your throat and two fingers up your rectum.

Nair for Men is for everything BUT your face, your testicles, your throat and two fingers up your rectum

That doesn’t seem to leave a lot of areas where you’d want to use it and can actually do so :D

Theres something called Magic floating around which works on the same principle as nair/veet etc etc. It was originally formulated for Black guys who apparently get lots of problems using standard razors. Having tried it, it is certainly a lot slower (mix it up, wait 5 minutes, scrape it off etc) than a razor and I had fairly mixed results with it. Should also be mentioned that if you are going down this route, for the love of god try a patch test on the skin on your inner arm. If this stuff burns it is nasty, nasty, nasty and will make acne look desirable.

Sounds like in-grown hairs. I used to get them from time to time, and I had to dig those suckers out. I had a couple that ended up being a half inch or more once I extracted them. I changed razors and the problem went away.

One thing you might want to try is “Tend Skin”. (It’s mostly Witch-Hazel, which is admittedly much cheaper, so you might want to try that first.) Astringents can sometimes be your friends and I’ve seen Tend Skin work miracles…