Shazam: Fury of the Gods - It's all about family

Nice Easter egg.


I was already excited about this, but Helen fucking Mirren?! So, so excited.

What is it?

The cursed doll, Annabelle.

David F. Sandberg directed Shazam and Annabelle: Creation.

I am on board if this is anything like the first! Which was mostly charming, except for the parts that would traumatize children.

(I can get behind a superhero played as clueless and immature because he’s, y’know, a teenager trying to figure things out. Unlike a character made to be clueless and immature because the director thought it was the fastest, easiest way to get laughs. Not that I have some other, specific divinely-powered hero in mind. coughs)

So Chuck is fighting Old Lady Thor ?

The first movie was surprisingly enjoyable, so chances are good I’ll watch this one. Not on theaters, though.

Interesting behind the scenes post from the director:

I’ve been following his YT channel since he started posting short homemade films, and it’s been instructive.

Well, this is unfortunate.


I really like Zachary Levi, huge Chuck fan if nothing else, but I wish people who know they have unpopular (and dangerously misinformed) opinions would just STFU and keep it to themselves.

There are multiple ways to take that statement. One way I agree with, drug companies have huge market power and use that to distortive and damaging effect, prioritizing profit over actual human wellness.

The other is the Covid vaccination angle which is sadly more likely.

Based on his tweet history, people are pretty sure it’s the latter, unfortunately. I will reserve judgment myself, because I don’t have a dog in this race, being, I don’t know him personally, but not a great piece of information to find out.

I thought it was common knowledge Zach Levi is conservative, but I just checked and he doesn’t seem to show up on lists of them on IMDB, etc.

Era has some receipts that show he’s Libertarian (which I suppose is fine), but has had some perhaps problematic views for some time. He’s not like a Kevin Sorbo or even an Adam Baldwin, but he’s not who I thought he was. That’s on me as of course I assumed he was Chunk irl, which is silly. I’m still bummed though.

I briefly thought “maybe he’s down against Pfizer as Big Pharma” but, welp, I guess I’ll wait for Shazam to hit HBO+.

I used to be Chunk irl, but then I lost a lot of weight.

I can’t type on a phone for shit.

Wild to see Pfizer being considered the “higher ground” in this little instance of wind-up to unpersoning. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me to see people caping for companies like Nestle, as long as they were performative enough in their inclusion & diversity checklists.