She Never Died, a sequel to a good immortal themed movie, no one watched

Just found this one on Prime, She Never Died. A sequel of sorts to the 2015 movie He Never Died about a immortal that must eat human flesh, and struggling maintaining human connections, good movie with a bit of a twist at the end. This one has the same beats, but not quite as charming as the original but still enjoyed it, an ok watch.

I missed this thread a week and a half ago when you posted it, but just found this movie while scrolling through Amazon Prime’s “Newly Added” section. I goddamn loved He Never Died, and had no idea they made a sequel. I remember at the time there was talk about turning it into a tv series, and Rollins was saying he was down with that, but i guess it never happened and they turned it into this. I’ll have to make time to watch this in the next few days. It has a 100% score on RT! (from 13 reviews, heh).

I searched the forum for a thread about HND, but couldnt find anything. I was sure Tom wrote a review of it way back when? Huh.

I also loved He Never Died, and had no idea they did a sequel.

Thanks! Yeah, I was pretty sure Tom had turned me on to the movie, but multiple different search terms turned up nothing. I’m pretty sure HND is still on Netflix, I’ll probably re-view that first.

I have seen He Never Died multiple times and recommend it to everyone that will hold still long enough for me to get the words out and even I had no clue that there has been a sequel.
Thank you so much @David2, will look this up immediatley and report back!