She still lies within the system

So if you haven’t heard yet, the Rez reprint occurred, so guess what I’ve been playing lately?

I noticed a couple of things this time through that I didn’t when I first borrowed it from a friend a while back.

  1. I just realized that the “Final Form” is the Starchild from 2001 – not just the shape, but also the sounds it makes.

  2. If you do really well in the infiltration phase, the boss gets a LOT harder.

  3. My PS2 isn’t reading these damned purple CDs like it used to. It’s a good thing my PS2 is chipped; I was able to burn a copy and it reads the copy much better. (And no, I haven’t been using it to play games that I otherwise would have paid for. Well, 'cept maybe Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance.)

I wonder if the CD has the music tracks on 'em so I can listen to 'em separately?

In other news, I should be getting my copy by wednesday. I did notice it takes alot longer to load up purple disc ps2 games then the clear. It took a few seconds more to load up maximo one then it does newer games.

Aren’t the purple discs just the CD-storage-sized games?

Yep. They made the CD-ROMs purple.

That’s exciting. Why is it only available at that site, though, and why is the list price ninety bucks?

Unfortunately not. But if you’re good at the interweb, you can find either the soundtrack, or rips of the music from the actual game. (They are slightly different.)

(Sidetrack: I was pleasantly surprised many years ago, when I stuck my PC version of Tempest 2000 into a CD player and found the music tracks!)

Because they paid Sega for the rights to do a reprint of the game due to the high prices on eBay and the obvious demand for it. Before the reprint, the list price was effectively $90 used on eBay because that was the only way to buy Rez.

Various sellers on have it for about $42.


Before the reprint, the list price was effectively $90 used on eBay because that was the only way to buy Rez.


What’s with this new five-character minimum thing? I can’t just post the smiley and the quotes. :(


What’s with this new five-character limit thing? I couldn’t just put a smiley and the quotes!

And you will notice that is one of those sellers (and the only one who has it new at that price, IIRC). In fact, since I had credit, that’s how I purchased my copy – via gqd at

It’s pissing off the people who were trying to rip people off at the “collector’s” price of $80+, but making all the people who actually want to play the game very happy.

GQD had to pay for the costs of the reprint up-front, so they took a huge risk doing this. They did this with at least one other title that I know of (and can’t recall the name).

Two titles that I know of, Disgaea and Persona 2.

I’m glad they did the reprint, but I don’t think anyone was ripping anyone off before it happened. That was simply the market value of an unavailable game. Videogames are like any collectible item. Some of them are worth more than others. Most are worth much less than the MSRP after a month, few are worth more than MSRP, often for years after they were released.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, if there were no collector’s market, it would mean games really aren’t worth much to anyone and that would be a bad thing.

I’ve heard about the Rez reissue for a while now (Gitaroo Man was one of the other ones, too), but none of the places that have it will ship to Canada. Oh well, used copies should be easier to find and cheaper now at least.

Yeah, look for an eBay seller. That should be a good way to get one sent to Canada. The reissue knocked the bite out of the price.

No, there isn’t, but it still sucks for people like me who wanted the game. :)

I bought it a few weeks ago and think its superb. Too bad we may never see a sequel.

Does it come with the girlfriend pleasing attachment?

Sadly no. Those are about $45 on eBay.

Yea, I checked.

How are you meant to use the attachment not as a vibrator? I saw a pic and I can’t see any other possible application.

Dude, wtf was NAFTA for if they won’t ship to Canada?

That’s just bizarre.