Shenmue 3

There is a Steam page for this game, for now…

Haha, “How about a game of Lucky Hit” is always the first thing that pops into my mind, too, although I loved Shenmue.

It’s actually been there since last year, as if to prove this wasn’t a joke!

Going EPIC for the first year it seems…

Umm this released, like a week ago!

And it’s amazing. Good night!

Maybe, maybe not!

You read Polygon, ha ha ha!

I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo this month and so have been holding off playing Shenmue 3 until December. It’s kind of killing me.

That article tells me that Shenmue 3 is EVERYTHING I wanted, and what the other fans wanted as well. Just, more Shenmue. More of the story, more of that specific style of gameplay and highly detailed, but small, world. After finishing Shenmue 2 HD last year for the first time, all I wanted was more. I would’ve loved more in that original engine. Just, more of that gameplay style and most importantly, more of the story.

The woman goes on about respecting the player’s time. I’m guessing the author doesn’t play Point & Click Adventure games at all. Shenmue has way more in common with oldschool point and clicks than it does with modern open world games. It’s like a 3D open world point and click adventure with some lite Virtua Fighter combat and quick time events. The woman doesn’t like spending time looking for clues.

I haven’t played the Yakuza games, but they’re said to be similar to Shenmue. However, I think they have way more action elements. The closest game I can think of to Shenmue is perhaps LA Noire. You’re investigating crimes in that, so the tone and atmosphere are very different, but the gameplay is similar. Picking up objects, looking at them. Searching for items and clues all over the place. Interviewing people (no terrible interrogation system in Shenmue thankfully). I’m curious how the author of the article felt about LA Noire.

Oh, and as for the voice acting? Yeah, it’s cheesy and terrible in English. That was intentional this time around (and I think was intentional with Shenmue 2 as well). People’s nostalgia for the B-movie acting is part of the fanbase of Shenmue. I’m guessing the Japanese is similar to the originals as well, which is to say WAY F***ING BETTER. Lady needs to play in Japanese with subtitles.

RPS’s review (promised for last Friday!) is more positive:

Its laid back rhythm lulls you into a state that few games do, one of such extreme zen/boredom that even the smallest change in pace can feel monumental.

That article is a really well articulated opinion of what I enjoyed in the previous games, but also addresses what had me really worried in the very first contact with Shenmue 3 (thankfully alleviated by all the game’s goodwill):

The downside to the density of arcades and gambling dens is that the world, particularly Niaowu, does begin to resemble a strange funfair, designed to bilk you every ten meters.

I didn’t quite understand, who you are referring to?

(separated posts to make it clearer with all the quoting ;)

I was referring to the article in lordkosc’s post. The Polygon one.

Ah, I didn’t notice the author was a girl. Maybe I should have read it, actually!

I don’t know how old Matthew Castle (RPS) is, but I wonder if part of the problem with the Polygon article is that the author was 7 or 8 when the first game came out and thus may not have even played it or its sequel, at least on release? They vaguely gesture toward “nostalgia” but don’t really touch on the first couple games at all, making me wonder.

Final DLC out in 1 week.

Officially coming to GOG soon, with a release date of 19th Nobember (2020) going by the date on the store page. So that likely also means a Steam release around the same date, if we presume Epic had a deal for one year’s exclusivity on EGS.