Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking

Anyone else catch this? I thought it was much better than the Hound of the Baskervilles they did a couple years ago. The supporting cast got it right this time and there’e no more creepy Watson. Rupert Everett did a fine job, although I had a lot of trouble getting over his youthful look. It’s supposed to be a middle aged Holmes and Everett still had a romance movie look about him I think. For me no one can top Jeremy Brett as Holmes.

I was worried about the writing, since it was not based on an Arthur Conan Doyle story, but they did well. It had a bit of an Edwardian: CSI feel to it at times. The twist was a bit of a stretch and came out of nowhere, but it allowed for a classic Holmes line of “whatever remains however improbable must be the truth”.

Jeremy Brett was Sherlock Holmes. Can’t really see Holmes being anyone else; I suppose folks felt the same way about Rathbone, but Brett was seemingly perfect.

The timeframe is a bit odd too; a young Watson and Holmes about one or two generations ahead of time (phones, lighters, etc.)

Speaking of misplaced Holmes, Michael Chabon’s short story (now published as a book) featuring a very old Holmes in the 1940s is pretty good.

— Alan

First I’ve heard of this. Was it on network television? I would really have liked to have seen it.

It’s on PBS, Masterpiece Theatre. Check for a re-airing, there should be a number of them.

They were trying to show off some of the new inventions that occurred right around the turn of the century, trying to place Holmes firmly away from the over-used Victorian era. But yes, I thought he looked a bit young for having “retired” once.

The Case of the Silk Stocking was on German TV a while back. Very good film indeed.

There’s a DVD collection with all of Jeremy Brett’s Holmes episodes but it’s still 90 pounds, so I keep waiting for another price drop…