Sherlock - Modern BBC interpretation



world’s greatest detective (suck it batman): hey molly ‘i work with dead people’ coroner girl, i need this stuff: (stuff not mentioned, molly not shown again)

john ‘medicine man’ watson: i’m totally running at the body of my friend, whoops some bike guy totally knocked me over in such a way i’m all dizzy and discombobulated, must be a coincidence, oh crap i never even got close before everyone pulled me away, oh wells.

the camera shows “holmes”'s bloody head from an upside down angle covered in blood and i don’t think it even really looks like him.

i don’t even want to mention that other episode where holmes identifies a body after mycroft, in his own word, carefully tests it to confirm the identity and oh look who was walking around like ten minutes later?


Okay, that I picked up on. But we don’t KNOW how it was done, just that it was and we have some clues as to how. Gotcha.


While we’re waiting for next season, there’s always Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch



That’s the best thing that happened today.


Awesome. Somewhere, The Internet Account (my new diety whose sole job it to track online merits and demerits in lieu of other measures of humanity’s collective soul-state of balance) moves a chit for good.


I suppose it might be that some people here pirated it, but there were plenty of ways to see it legally before it aired in the US. We bought the UK Blu-Ray from back in early February.



wait, that means i have less than a year’s wait till next season. /joy


Well, at least Watson is hot.



Really, I think that RDJr. and Cumberbatch have this thing down pat already. Thanks, though, CBS!


I’m torn. I totally agree with you guys, but I really like Johnny lee miller and Lucy Liu. Dammit.


I’m going to miss Lucy Liu as the amoral cop on Southland now that she on CSI Baker Street.


That’s good but it’s no


Sorry if this was already mentioned - but Watson - isn’t he going to play Bilbo Baggins in the movie?



Hopefully applies the same mannerisms. Who doesn’t want a war-scarred womanizing hobbit?


Only lightly read this thread to avoid spoilers, but my kids and I just blazed through all 6 seasons of Doctor Who (2005-) in an embarrassingly short time span. The series became better and better, to the point now that we’re off our rocker waiting for season 7. I’m assuming based on what little I’ve read here this is going to be equally awesome. Hie thee to Netflix!


Daagar: Be aware that this is a bit more adult-oriented. The first ep of S2 features several minutes of female-almost-nudity. It’s not particularly explicit and some of the jokes will go over young kids’ heads, but it’s worth thinking about.

That said, yes, the series is incredible. It’s basically Moffat writing TV movies with a massive budget and the best cast for a Sherlock adaptation in 50 years. Very, very good.


Some of the murders are a bit harsh, too. Depending on your kids’ ages, you might want to prescreen. I’m not overly strict on what my nine-year-old can watch, but I’m not letting him watch this.

(Ah, America, where the bloody and sadistic deaths are overlooked, but OMG NEAR NUDITY! :)


I actually thought he was joking. People crying and screaming before being blown up by worn explosives are fine but a woman without clothes are something we need to save the children from? There’s plenty of reasons for not letting small kids watch Sherlock - a naked woman is not one of them.


I sort of assume all parents are equally addled when it comes to what’s kosher for their kids to watch. Were I ever to suffer a complete reversal of opinion on the matter of actually having the little hellions, I’d insure my own were exposed to massive amounts of violence and sex right away!



(Ah, America, where the bloody and sadistic deaths are overlooked, but OMG NEAR NUDITY! :)

To be fair, this caused a bit of a kerfuffle in Britain too, from the usual suspects (eg the Daily Mail, which will take any excuse to bash the BBC). Mainly because the show, while aimed at adults, aired before the “watershed”, ie 9pm, which is broadly speaking when TV is allowed to show nudity and violence and swearing and such.