Sherlock - Modern BBC interpretation


Holy crap, when does Season 4 start?!?!


Oh come on! It was that good? I can’t wait to see these shows! They apparently aired on a danish channel I never watch, so…not sure how to see them now.


I watched all of these this last week on Hulu. Roku PBS channel has it too. I am certainly looking forward to the next season of these mini movies. It is a little weird watching two Sherlock shows, but I enjoy them both for what they are.


They apparently aired on a danish channel I never watch, so…not sure how to see them now.

Tunnelbear (or any VPN) into the UK and use iPlayer.



[spoiler]One thing that really bugged me is with the Mary reveal. REALLY? Sherlock doesn’t know from the beginning? What kind of high functioning sociopath is he?

The whole episode is entertaining enough though, adding quite a few nods to the original while being consistently funny. The “resolution” to the Rupert Murdoch look-alike doesn’t surprise me at all. Both MI5 and MI6 would pretty much pat Sherlock in the back and say “jolly well done, old boy!” to him, once it was known where the blackmail materials were kept. OTOH the fate of Moriarty doesn’t interest me the slightest, other than being a convenient plot device to keep Sherlock and Watson together.[/spoiler]

This season the best is the last.


Last nite on PBS they showed a special called Sherlock Unbound. It was a pretty good documentary on the making of the series and showed how they tied in to the Doyle stories and paid homage to a lot of the film adaptations as well. It was interesting how they took a lot of dialog direct from the original stories and adapted it just slightly to fit the modern world. Moffat and Gattis explain a lot of their inspirations and there are interviews with most of the key actors including Moriarity and Adler. There are no spoilers for series 3 so its safe to watch if you havent caught it yet. Its first airing was last nite so its likely to air again soon.


I can’t imagine they’re doing what they appear to be doing with the end of episode 3.


I mean, as they show in the first episode of the season, there’s multiple ways Sherlock could conceivably have survived - it’s not hugely plausible, but there’s wiggle room. Moriarty blew off his own fucking head. That was not in any way ambiguous. If I’m wrong, and they bring him back? Fuck that shit. (I guess they could have had a body double for Moriarty or something, but please, please be more interesting than that, thanks.) Otherwise very good fun. And, yeah, the way Sherlock deals with Magnuson was not surprising and unless I very much miss my guess, not the act of desperation it was designed to appear. There’s no way Sherlock was caught out a second time with the same underestimation, very little other reason to have Watson bring the gun, and it’s very telling that he had Magnuson clearly state that the vaults were all a trick. Honestly, I think I still liked episode 2 better - it’s touching, beautifully edited and very funny - but this was certainly a good one as well.



[spoiler]You could argue the Mary thing is him trusting John’s judgement, I didn’t fully buy it either.

I liked that Magnusson was another enemy whom Sherlock both under and overestimated, in a way. The reveal of the vault was similar to the mystery of Moriarty’s hacking abilities; Sherlock is looking for something tangible when it’s actually just someone using blackmail/money to get what he wants from other people. The rest of the Magnusson plot was a little frustrating. I loved how everything he did seemed deliberately chosen to annoy people but there simply wasn’t enough time in one episode to make him feel like the threat the Holmes’ thought he was. Sherlock’s anger at him kind of came out of nowhere and his death was pretty underwhelming.[/spoiler]

I felt Sherlock was a bit too front and centre this series, especially considering how much of the series was about Watson. The third episode was the only one where I thought they got the balance between the two characters right.

Still, very entertaining TV.


More spoilers ahoy.


See it online on the Danish channel:

Personally I prefer to see it on BBC iPlayer on my PC.


Oh? I thought it was only their own programmes I could watch online? Thanks! I never watch DR or DR3 so I kinda missed it - Thanks a bunch, Pjerrot!


Until now, I’ve been impressed by the way this reimagination handles the spirit of the stories, but


Holmes committing a murder, and Watson agreeing to it

feels so out of character and out of line with the moral framework of ACD’s Holmes that I fear this series has jumped the shark for me.


]Edit: I thought it was based off another of the original stories: One of Moriarty’s lieutenants comes back and tries to resurrect the spectre of Moriarty in order to establish his own criminal empire; instead I can find no mention of any such story. I must have been conflating “The Empty House” with something published later by someone else.[/spoiler


I thought they were going to have him sniped at that point as well. The way it was filmed, in addition to making you think that they’re ending the series, its so very…English. On the morality of it, they have hammered the “sociopath” line so much this season, it was really to my mind the culmination of the wedding vow, and what was required. In that one act he could make John, Mary, and the baby safe for all time. I don’t think there is any question this Holmes would make that leap over Morality Gulch.

Although I am not quite sure about how I feel about the ending, this was one of my favorite single episodes of any TV series, ever. Maybe “Kill them all” from the first season of Sparticus: Blood and Sand. Everything came together so well: All of the characters, the dialogue, the clues, the acting. The best season of the series. Here is to hoping the movies don’t steal them away from making another season quickly.


Really? In the original Sherlock Holmes had no qualm killing Moriarty, self defense or not. Also he was after all a Victorian creation, and the ideal Victorian Gentleman wasn’t afraid of blood for a “good” cause, e.g. “for Queen and Country” (tick and tick).


Equating all killings along merely physical lines is precisely the sort of moral confusion the Victorian gentleman would routinely scoff at. Such a gentleman, I suppose, would have had no qualms about having Moriarty hanged, and would still have been horrified about having him murdered. And Moriarty was actually a highly dangerous criminal – what was Magnussen’s worst offense, licking someone’s cheek?


Blackmail is a crime in both the US and UK, although it carries a dramatically higher sentence in the UK (up to 14 years imprisonment vs the US’s fine or up to 1 year), and Magnuson was a serial blackmailer

who demonstrably drives at least one character to suicide just in the course of the episode - Lady Smallwood’s husband

. He may not have gone around personally murdering people or running a criminal gang, but he most certainly was both highly dangerous and a criminal. If other methods of stopping him in lines with traditional justice would have been effective, that would have been distinctly preferable, of course, but under the obtaining circumstances…well, the call was made that was made, and I think it’s a supportable call, if not a morally clearcut one.


Very very disappointed in episode 3, treats Sherlock like a complete idiot re the twist and also the fact he wouldn’t have got what magnussen was all about. I mean really, either him or mycroft would have figured that out. Mind palace my arse, Sherlocks must have been on holiday in that episode.

Would have been nice to have some detective work happen, but no. Typical moffatt really, all piss and wind and very little substance and plot lines / behaviour that doesn’t make sense just like Dr Who at times.


Depends. Conan Doyle at his best gave us something like Silver Blaze, which is magnificent in its simplicity. At other times he seems to think the police are dullards (like those in The Problem of Thor Bridge failing to dredge the river), or that he can let good old Victorian grotesque carry the day.

I always had doubts about Sherlock, but having just watched S3 episode 1 it seems they’ve really fallen for Monk Syndrome, where they figure their detective is so fascinating by himself that you don’t even need to place him in the middle of an investigation. This is the detective show as sitcom. It might be fun, and it might work on another level, but if you’re looking for a bona fide detective show, you’re likely to be disappointed.


The signature of this season for me has been that there’s too much self-satisfaction, self-reference, etc., and too many damn special fx.

The first two seasons were great because they largely played it straight. When it gets too self-knowing, and there’s too much whizz-bang roller-coastering just for the sake of it, it feels like it’s exhausted itself, and it loses the greatness that made it a thing.

Nevertheless, it’s still entertaining and worth watching, and the several twists in the last episode were fun.


More or less what gurugeorge said.

Vetarnias, I’d suggest sticking with it for at least the rest of this season. The first episode is definitely the worst. If you’re still not enjoying it by the third, it’s probably time to jump ship for good.