Sherlock - Modern BBC interpretation


It was this.


Sherlock eps are always feature length, 90 minutes.


My wife and I started to watch this last night, then as they were rolling the intro we looked at each other and said “do you remember that???” a couple of times. Looked in my Netflix cue and somehow we’d missed the last episode of last season! Since we were binging, not sure how that happened, but it was like finding a Christmas present behind the sofa on New Year’s Day!

So watched that last night, and still have the new one to watch!


I couldn’t find a way to stream it legitimately, but it also wasn’t available for purchase on iTunes until a week or so from now—longer than the usual iTunes delay for TV shows. Maybe it will also be available to stream from PBS on a delay as well.


Doesn’t PBS do catchup for drama? It has a Roku channel.


Yeah, it looks like Masterpiece something-something is airing it on the 10th, so I have a recording set up for that. I’d be willing to rent it somewhere to avoid having to wait until Sunday night though, if anyone sees it pop up on iTunes that would be great, as I have some credit there from the holidays.


We saw it tonight and both of us really liked it. They also had a short special on after the credits where Mark Gattis does real quick interviews w/ the cast that was fun to watch. Definitely recommended if you’re watching the series and slots in nicely between the series.


I saw it tonight in theater too. It was enjoyable. The special post the show was fun too. Clearly I am not nearly the Sherlock fan as the others in the theater though. I’ve never even read a Sherlock book, and I don’t memorize much of the show. I just enjoy the performances.


We saw a few people dressed up in Victorian-era garb (or so I assume!) - did anyone come in costume? I’m not really a big fan of the whole Sherlock character/history but really like this version of it.


No, at least not that I noticed. There were some really excitable fans though, people who clearly read all the books and were laughing at jokes I simply didn’t get. The trivia at the beginning I couldn’t do either. It was kind of neat though to see the huge range of ages in the theater though. Clearly the fan base is very diverse.


Look on your local PBS station for an episode of Masterpiece Mystery on Jan. 10th for the repeat of the Holiday Special.


Or online on the 11th… which i believe they now require an account for everything.


Or I could watch on iTunes… for $15. WTF. I think I’ll just wait and catch it Sunday night. Sheesh. iTunes prices are nuts.


Yeah, I think because it’s a “season”? Or something? Or maybe they’re pricing it like a movie? It’s definitely not in line with their normal TV show pricing.


I looked up Justified, I’ve been hankerin’ to rewatch that show for some time, and seeing Olyphant in The Grinder only makes me want to all the more. It’s $25 just for season 1 (though I’d “own” it, I guess)! I’d rather just subscribe to Amazon Prime for $100 or whatever and have access to the entire show (I think - it’s sort of hard to tell for sure if it’s available to Amazon Prime members when I googled around, but it looked like it was). Man, the struggle is real.


Can confirm Justified is available on Prime as that’s how I’ve been watching it - good show!


Their normal TV show pricing is pretty insane too, at least for short shows or daily stuff like, er, the Daily Show. But I think they’re pricing it as a movie.


Great show. I watched every episode. Some great performances, too: for example, I later found out that the actor who played Dewey Crowe was an Aussie, which blew my mind.


Did someone say Justified? I love Justified! One of my top shows ever!


Mine, too. I’m honestly tempted to subscribe to Prime just to watch it again.